Sunday, December 25, 2005

Ho ho ho!
Merry Christmas my lovelies! Also Happy Hannukah or Solistice or whatever it is that you celebrate. Cuz there are so many wonderful holidays this time of year! I love it! But what I love even more is seeing palm trees instead of snow for Christmas! Yaay! That's right, I'm in West Palm Beach, Florida. I saw an iguana yesterday (pictures to come) and many beached jellyfish. Amazing! Jellyfish! Iguana! Beach! Love you all!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

In terms of my sock, which I was crowing about on my last post, I have come to a standstill. The directions have turned to gibberish and I need my trusty translator (Mommy) to help me decipher them. So my sock is on hold till I go home agian. I return to hats. I am going to try and crank out 3 hats in the next 2 weeks. I don't want any cold heads over the winter break. Also, this will allow me to concentrate on my sock. Plus I have to make a mitten. But socks are pretty exciting. They have kind of made me feel invincible. Like I can do any knitting project I want to. Dog on it, I will!
Hmmmm digital media is pretty boring. Screw paying attention.
I have a swimming class this quarter. I am happy to be all stinky like chlorine. But I don't like the itching aftereffect that chlorine gives me. The weather has turned cold and we have snow that has stuck. I find myself getting caught up in the spirit of the holidays. As some of you know, Sharp Photo made all of my high school christmases miserable. Christmas was generally not a holiday I enjoyed. But now, 2 years out from working a christmas season at Sharp. I find myself giddy over the tiny christmas tree that Erin set up in our apartment. I am giddy to see the reaction I will get from certain people from the gifts I will give them. I can't even think of one thing I want this Christmas. I am so thankful for everything I have. Yarn is cool of course, but I have such wonderful friends and family and I am feeling so content. I couldn't ask for anything more at the moment. Except for more hours in the day to knit. Hehe. What are you thankful for this Christmas? Let me know in the comments.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sock Progress!

Oh my holy god. I've turned the heal on my first sock. It was amazing and not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Short row shaping is amazing!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Crazy Aunt Purl tagged everyone on the planet for what is about to come. Since I enjoy these things, and I like to talk about myself and this is my blog, I am gonna do it. I also like to read Crazy Aunt Purl's blog too.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me
1. I broke my foot when I was 11 tripping over a soccer ball.
2. I am obsessed with TLC.
3. I hate being in wet clothes.
4. I hated christmas for 4 years. Now that I am 2 years out from working the Christmas season, I think I might like it again.
5. I cannot see for shit without contacts or glasses.
6. I have been in 3 accidents.
7. I've never been pulled over.
8. I used to be afraid of squirrels.
9. I am dangerously addicted to computer solitare.
10. I like to think if I daydream about something horrible happening, then it won't happen. Ever.

Nine Places I've Visited
1. England
2. Scotland
3. Germany
4. Austria
5. Venezuala
6. California
7. The Panama Canal
8. Aruba
9. Costa Rica

Eight Ways to Win My Heart
1. Ask me to knit you something then don't bug me about it constantly.
2. Always be willing to look at my crazy biomed photos.
3. Cheese.
4. Fondle yarn with me.
5. Read this blog.
6. Love me unconditionaly.
7. Feed me.
8. Hugs. Lots of them.

Seven Things I want to do Before I Die
1. Visit India.
2. Visit Asia.
3. Do something amazing for someone in need.
4. Spend a good chunk of my life (total) volunteering and helping others.
5. Make a list of 100 books and read all of them.
6. Drive cross country.
7. Pierce my bellybutton.

Six Things I'm Afraid of
1. Losing my mom.
2. Bugs.
3. Wetting my pants in public.
4. Forgetting something really important.
5. Not Getting enough time to knit.
6. Math

Five Things I don't Like
1. Math class.
2. Rain that makes you soaking wet all over.
3. People who really need to shave and get a haircut. Really badly. See the RIT campus for example.
4. People who set their cats free and then the cats become feral cats and roam this campus.
5. Cold showers.

Four Ways to Turn Me Off
1. Never shower or use deodorant.
2. Lie.
3. Never apologizing for your mistakes.
4. Not appreciating the things I knit.

Three Thing I Do Everyday
1. Debate getting out of bed.
2. Think about knitting or knit and then get really excited.
3. Enjoy cheese in some form.

Two Things that Make Me Happy
1. Dan
2. Unexpected sunshine

One thing On My Mind Right Now
1. I really need to shower cuz I just got out of the pool.

So now I tag YOUSarah Eddy! Naha!
Hope you all enjoyed this. Cuz I did.

Monday, November 28, 2005

This pissed me off. Royaly. I like how at the end the author, after praising men for most of the column, talks about babies born out of wedlock with no fathers. I thought men were responsible and wonderful and all that. Then where are all the dads to all those babies? I am no man hater. But I don't appreciate one women putting her entire gender down while she puts the other gender up on pedestal. Men and women are flawed. It'll be ok.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I don't do this a lot but today I am doing it because its that kind of day. Booooring. Yawn.

You Are Lemon Meringue Pie

You're the perfect combo of sassy and sweet
Those who like you have well refined tastes

Fun fun fun

Friday, November 18, 2005

Sometimes when I am plucking my eyebrows (a bad idea for me since I like to get overpluck them and then I look crazy so I end up getting them waxed yes I know but it is the one girly thing I do) I feel like the little hairs squeak when they come out. I don't mind the pain. I like to look at the root of the hair. Sometimes I get an epithelial or sometimes it is just the root. It is neato to look at. Cuz I am weird like that.

Today I am getting on a jet plane and flying home. Usually I get all melancholy when I leave for break. I am a little melancholy this time but I am also really excited. I will have an entire week to do nothing but knit, hang out with my mom, watch TLC and the Discovery health channel, knit some more and see my buddies. I am bringing my camera home so I can take pictures. I still have to continue the pictures in my hands across EC collection. I only have 2. I will miss Dan but it is only for a week. Then when we get back we are going to see Harry Potter. I am restraining myself.

People I get to see: Sworva, my mom, my Dad, Sarah Eddy, Pete, possibly Tony, and of course my kitty. I wanna make an entry for Stuff On My Cat, Kitty will be much pleased to help me no doubt methinks.

Shut up blogger, stop telling me my html is wrong. I made websites for a quarter I know what I'm doing.

BTW you can view my website here

Monday, November 14, 2005

2 Things
First thing: I posted some new stuff on Flickr. It took me dern near 5 months to do it, but these important pictures are there. Yay!
Second thing: Sarah Eddy wanted me to post some of the knit blogs I look at. So here goes.
Crazy Aunt Purl
Streets and YOs
Knitting Iris
Fig & Plum

Thats just a few. I like to read knitting blogs cuz they inspire me and make me wanna knit. But I can't knit because I am look at the internets.

Eau Claire kiddies: I'm going to be home Friday 11/18. I'll be back late. And then methinks we are doing something for my mudder's birthday on saturday. So sunday. Yes!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Dear Rene Zelwegger,
I want to love you. I think we could be best friends. I loved you in Bridget Jones and Empire Records and Cinderella Man. Fabulous roles! And Cold Mountain? Girl, that Oscar was well deserved. It might be safe to say that you could be my favorite actress. Could. You see, Rene, my friends and I, we eat. If we were friends, I would take you to Nick Tahou's or Henrietta Hots and we would devour garbage plates and roadie plates. Because we would be stinking drunk and have the drunkchies. Because that's what friends do. But Rene! I am afraid for you. What if we hugged and I broke you? I would have broken my friend! Oh no! I want you to eat Rene. And gain about 10 pounds. You will look so hot. Then we could be friends! But I know you'll charm we anyway with your next movie role. You always do. But don't think you'll get away without eating.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Edit to yesterday's post. When I said:
Sometimes it gets so dibiltating that the inside of my head collapses from the weight of it all and I am momentarily broken and lost.
I forgot to write that I have someone who helps me find my way and pick up the pieces. My love Thank you for all you do.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Hey all yous. First of all, I put up a new photo set on flickr. It is full of ruggerness. I am finally figuring out how to work flickr. So there is where I will post little albums of goodness of my adventures. My photoblog is more for my pretty photographs. Things I do for school or stuff I am exceptionally proud of. I needed to clarify this for myself.
It is week 10. Everything thing is due this week. I have tests and projects due and other poopy things. But so does everyone. Blah.
I just want this quarter to be over. I am tired. It feels like time is creeping by ever so slowly. Who is tired of my deep thoughts?
But then I don't want break to come cuz then I will be away from my love for a week. While that may sound silly, the memory of 3 months apart is still all too fresh. Blah. Again.
But then I need to go home. I know my mom misses me and stuff. I miss her. The worries in my head shout at me alot. On friday night they got too loud. I worry about my mom when she is sick. She had a cold the last time I talked to her and a cold is what got her really sick the last time. What if it happens again? What if she gets really sick and I'm not there to take care of her? I know she is under much better care than before...but supposedly she was too the time before she got really sick. I can't help but worry. It's habit. Like the way I bite all the skin off my lips till they are raw and soft and tender. I can't help but worry. Sometimes I feel like my brain doesn't work right because of this and I wish I could just relax and worry about silly things like what the weather will be like. But I can't. Sometimes it gets so dibiltating that the inside of my head collapses from the weight of it all and I am momentarily broken and lost. I hate that. Because then I am a mess and I don't feel as strong as I am supposed to be.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Again I say again! Photo blog has been updated with a new picture. Yay! Two days in row!

Monday, October 31, 2005

Hey wow! My photoblog has been updated! Wowie! Its been forever. Methinks I should maybe combine knitting and photoblog into this blog. Make my life easier. Yupper. Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I just membered something up exploration of that site I linked to yesterday. I did the haka at summer camp. Yeah. We were having doing like a week long olympic competition and I was on team New Zealand and we had to come up with a dance for opening ceremonies and there was this counselor from Australia and we were pumping him for information and he taught us the haka. I thought it was gibberish until. Just a dance that came out of his head. So yeah. Pretty fucking fierce.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I am in web design AGAIN! Yay! I still can't seem to figure out why my website is being a poop. Blah.
But I did dig up this little tidbit for you. Hehe. Be sure to visit the icon section for all you kids not familiar with the New Zealand All Blacks.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

WOWIE! This has never happened. I have been "tagged" for a meme! I'm so excited. Thanks Sarah Eddy

1. What were you doing...
10 Years ago: It was 1995 I was 10 years old. I was in 4th grade learning bout geology from my crazy teacher who was a trained geologist but somehow ended up teaching 4th grade. Fourth grade was a difficult year actually. I was having social problems at school and didn't really have any friends. My grandmother was dying and my mom was going through her first bout with pneumonia (walking pneumonia) while trying to care for my grandmother. My mom ended up going on sick leave. Valentine's day my grandmother fell and broke her hip - doctor's couldn't perform surgery because of her heart failure. Granma died in March and I wore a sweater of hers all the time. The dress I wore to her funeral I never wore again. We moved to a different neighborhood that summer.

5 Years ago: I was 15. A freshman in high school. We lived in the same house we moved to the summer after 4th grade (and we still live there.) I played in the band and hated it except for pep band with Sworva. I competed in forensics and met Sarah Eddy and all the others.

1 year ago: I started my freshman year at RIT. It was a difficult year. My mother had been seriously ill and I was really homesick for the first few weeks. Things got better for a while and then in winter everything went in the shitter. I started playing rugby and the sun came out again.

Tomorrow: I will be spending time at my second home, the biomed lab and then off to the last happy hour of the season.

5 snacks I enjoy: strawberries, string cheese, pirourette stickies, honey crisp apples, the lunchables from the vending machine in building 7

5 bands/artists I know most of the lyrics for: Ani, Tori, Modest Mouse, Metallica (not by choice), Bob Dylan

5 bad habits I have: procrastination, forgeting to do really simple tasks, obsessively cleaning my bellybutton, saying i'm sorry for no apparent reason, not remembering the last one

5 things I like doing: playing rugby, knitting, sleeping, playing tacklebox at rugby practice, beer pong

5 things I will never wear: tube tops, low rise jeans, shoes that make my feet hurt, pajamas to class, toe socks

5 TV shows I like: Lost, What Not to Wear, Clean House (Niecy!), um I don't watch much TV after that

5 movies I like: Amelie, A Very Long Engagement, The Princess Bride, Mean Girls, Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion

5 people I would like to meet: Tori Amos, Debbie Stroller (the lady who writes the stitch n bitch books), my father's mother (does it matter that she is dead?) baby cousins who have been in this world for a while and I haven't met them yet

5 biggest joys: rugby, finishing a knitting project, playing scrabble with Dan and winning, being Erin's roommate, being Sworva's friend

5 favorite toys: my favorite toy was modeling clay and then i made my own toys

5 People tagged: Um, Sarah Eddy and Rachel E covered everyone I know who has blog so I am tagging my readers as if I have any. (This means you JD and Erin) So um, put your answers in the comments or if you have a blog/live journal leave a linkie dink.

Yup. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Wow. At least I thought the penis picture was funny. Oh well. So I would be uploading images of some of the stuff I've been doing cuz it just occured to me to update my blog but I am in web design again and on a strange computer. Oh well.
I am a knitting machine. I finished another hat today. Granted, it took me a bit longer to knit it than it did Sworva's hat but still a week and a half? Damn I'm good. Next on the docket is a hat for my dear brother. Awww.
Take a look here. It is Sworva wearing my handi work. Damn I'm good.
So um yeah. I wish I had images for you. Really and truly.
I feel all weird and squishy inside from rugby practice. We did hill sprints and played a mini game. It was kinda intense cuz there were about 6 girls a side. Granted, our practices are not nearly as intense as the guys' practices. I think they should be. I am trying to conquer my asthma issues so I can be a better player. So my goal for the winter is to figure out a gym routine that help me learn to breathe through some of the stuff we do. Part of it is that I am not in the best shape but the majority of it is that my asthma got worse over the summer and all of sudden I was doing fairly intense stuff and had no idea how to manage it. But I have to work on that this winter. I hope you all enjoyed that little bit there.
Sometimes there needs to be more time in my day.
My thought for the day: Harriet Miers and Bush have kinda a creepy connection. "Your the best Govenor ever!" If I told Bush he was the best president ever would I get appointed to a job I'm not qualified for?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Image hosted by

Oh you RIT kids are so funny! Thanks for the anatomy lesson. Cuz I thought that was a bone of some sort untill I noticed the label. Thanks for clearing that up!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Yo wasup?
Mmmmm. I love having massive amounts of work to do. I'm complaining or anything here, I guess I just need to unload. Parent's weekend if really fucking my shit up. I have a paper and a project due on tuesday I will be booked up all weekend hanging with the rents. I'm ok with that - they are going to give me a bunch of free meals and taking me grocery shopping and all that good stuff. I would feel like a total asshole ditching them to do work. I know my Mommy has been really excited about coming to visit and my Dad really wants to see me play rugby. I have a "musical arts" midterm tomorrow. Just a wee bit nervous for that. Ok. A lot. All those vocab words seem like gibberish to me. I think I'll do ok on the listening and short answer parts but the multiple choice not so good. I'm sorry. Let me know if I'm boring you here.
In other news, I've finished one hat in the great hat knitting project and have started the next one. Yet finding time to knit is also a challenge. But I sent out hat number one to its recipient today. I hope you enjoy it.
The Cockless Roaches won their first game of the season. We beat St. John Fisher 20 - 0. This after disappointing defeats at Fredonia and Geneseo. Hopefully some good rugby will be played this weekend against Brockport.
I gots all these neato pictures of fungi that I wanna show all y'all but I haven't gotten a chance to post them to flickr or my photo blog. Did I mention they are neato?
Goodness, I just need to get through the rest of this week and then monday and tuesday next week and I breathe a little easier. Breathing is nice. I like it.
I really post knitting related pics too but yet alas I have not been able to find the time. Maybe late tonight when I am up late going all crazy like. Blah.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Helllllooooo. Much has been going on in the life of Mary. But I just wanted to post this real quick like.
This is some cool ass shit from the UK. Yeah. Biomedical photography is the hizzy fa shizzy. Forget PJ and ad photo. Biomed is where its at. Word.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Hey kids. I found out that I am a freaking idiot and instead of linking to a New York Times article I linked to my class list from web design. Whoops. Everything should be all better now. Yay!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thank you kids for dropping a lil line. It makes me feel all warm inside!

They make me sick. If these ladies plan on being stay at home moms anyway, why are they bothering w/ college? Its a waste. One of them could pay for me to be at RIT and then she can start having her babies. I admit that for American women it is incredibly difficult to balance both motherhood and a career and I admire these women for making the choice to be mothers full time for their children BUT. But. I can't quite verbalize the ideas that are running around in my head. I believe that my mother was a wonderful mother because she worked. She taught me independence this way. There was no one waiting for me when I got home. I had my own house key. I learned to take care of myself for a few hours. I never imagined my mother being home full time. It was weird when she was home when I got home from school. When she retired my senior year and was home when I got home, it was totally weird. But what I'm getting at is, I feel like these Ivy League girls are somehow thumbing their noses at the women who fought so hard for them to be able to be going to lvy league schools in the first place. They should be grateful they even have the option of going to law school. So you know, spend 4 years at one of the best schools in the country but don't do anything with that awesome education your going to get.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Hello there. I apologize for the lack of posts. But I don't think anyone reads this blog anyway? Prove to me that you do. (Oh man I am asking for comments. I feel so dirty.)
I've been pretty busy as of late with classes and rugby practice. I have a second home it is the Biomed lab. I like to go there a lot. At least 3 times a week. I will be there today as soon as it opens.
Rugby has been going. We played Fredonia on saturday and got our asses handed to us. I say we are not mean enough. We do not play dirty. Nor were our rucks up to snuff. Dan and I had a bet. He (never having eaten eggs by themselves before) would have to eat a 6 egg omlete if we won and if we lost, I would have to eat a sirloin steak. (Red meat and I are not friends. I am the girl who goes to her uncle's fabulous steak house and orders chicken or shrimp.) I am eating steak tonight. This makes me queasy.
I got up real early on sunday to go shoot a class project at a park. My assignment was to take pictures of fungi. The place was crawling with it. I took many pictures. 92 in fact. Now I have to edit them and whittle them down to 25 and give them to an upperclassmen in the AV class who will throw my photos into a flash presentation add music and some other stuff and TA DA. It is like I am the client and the other person is the producer and they must please me with their work.
In knitting news, work continues on the wavy scarf for Sarah Eddy. I have lots of trouble knitting scarfs, so I don't know when this will be finished. Work has also commenced on a red hat for Sworva. I like knitting hats. A lot. I should really become a mute when I am drunk. I have tendencey to promise people knitted items. They always remember too. Meathead is now in the cue for a hat. Meathead shaves his head bald and says his head is cold and that winter is coming and he doesn't want to be cold. And I feel bad but he is going to have to wait his turn. After Sworva, its Pete, then Kelsie, then Pecky, then maybe Spencer, then Meathead. Oh jeeze. Just wait till I learn to knit socks. I'll really be in trouble then.
I miss you kids from back home. Especially Sworva and Sarah Eddy and Tony. Miss you kids.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Wasup? I'm back. So glad to be back at school. Rugby has started and our first game is next weekend. That is much excitement. My classes are pretty good. Taking pictures of pine cones. Y'all know yer jealous. So I have a little treat for you.
I have a set of photos from my farm adventure up on Flickr. There aren't too many but I will probably add more later. I hope you enjoy them.
And did you all know that Sarah Eddy is amazing? Isn't geology amazing? I'm so proud of my rock loving girl.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

How can I be so fucking stupid? How can I joke about something that has caused so much destruction and pain?

Oh no. This country has gone mad.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Couple of things before I return to making the baby Jesus cry....

Hurricane Katrina hit my apartment. She peed all over the floor. What a terrible houseguest.
Speaking of apartments, I'm all moved into mine.
My favoritest photographer is coming to speak at RIT. Mary Ellen Mark!!!! I am so exciiiiiiiiiited.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

I been needing to get this off my chest for a while.

I love Dove products. LOVE THEM.
First it was a soap. And that shit was awesome. Then they came out with deodorant. My armpits could finally live free. No longer was I plagued by horrible red bumps and itchiness and irritation. Dove deodorant smoothed and soothed my angry skin. My armpits became friends with my razor. Then it was the bodywash. I figured that because the deodorant was so awesome that the body wash must be too. So I tried it and my theory was correct. I feel so smooth after I shower and I smell good too. It makes me feel all wonderous inside. Then came the washwash. And then mosturizer. But best of all was the shampoo. I have fine hair see, and the current shampoo I was using wasn't cutting it. I needed volume so my hair could stand up and say hello to the world. Dove delivered. I guess I am a disciple of Dove. My life would be perfect if Dove made shaving cream. So my freshly shaven legs can be in ectascy too. However, I have not tried the body lotion. I don't know why. Hmmm.

Its almost time to go back to school and that means I will be posting more. In case any of you care. I care. I will have time and not be so exhausted. I am all done with the drudgery of Sacred Heart Hospital. Every hour I spent there was pure torture. I think I killed a lot of my brain cells by being in an unstimulating environment. However the photo lab made up for that. I could use my brain power to solve photographic problems and put all the knowledge I had pounded in my ass to use. Isn't that exciting? I am very excited to be going back to school. I miss my soulmate and my love. I miss the masive Stitch n Bitches. Soon though. Wednesday. I can't wait. I just need monday and tuseday to go by quick.
Nontheless I did have a nice summer. When Sarah Eddy came home, I felt like my social life was resucitated. I had things to do at night. Photo shoots to do. Hopefully I will get the tatooing stuff up on Flickr soon. Along with my trip to the farm. I am also hunting down the "Hands Across EC" little by little. I am diabolical that way. All of my stuff has been shipped. I am on a hat jag. But I must Sarah Eddy's scarf first. Then I have hats to knit for Sworva, Pete, Spencer, and Kelsey. I hope I have time to get all those done this fall. There'll be plently of lectures to sit through.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Image hosted by

The above photo illustrates my love for beef jerky. And how hot I am when I eat it. That was taken on one of the days that we were without power in one of the few places that did have power. Its a good thing I still got to enjoy jerky. I was really pissed that I couldn't knit at my own house. No power no lights. On the brighter side (haha) I am kind of thankful that that happened. I guess I can understand more what Floridians go through every hurricane season. Of course, they are probably more prepared for this type of thing than us crazy Wisconsinites. I think the lack of power also made my parents kinda crazy cuz the next day we picked up mi madre from the grocery store (she was buying ice yo). I put the ice in the back and was about to get into the back seat when my pops quickly put the car in gear and drove off. Without me. I sat on the curb and waited. I figured it might be a couple of minutes before they noticed I was gone. They would hit the intersection and look back and not find me. Nope. They got all the way home and realized I wasn't there to hop out and open the garage door and headed back to get me. Gee whiz! Thanks Mom and Dad. And this is totally not the first time this has happened.
I haven't been up to much exciting lately. Except I ripped back Dan's hat and started over. Why? Cuz it looked like poop. I don't m'love to be poop on his head. This time around it is much more satisfactory. Other things I've been doing have been work, and did I mention work? Goooooooood. I think I might hate myself. My last day off was July 13. I got some sucker to fill in for me at Sharp and now I have a 3 day weekend. Wahoo. Tomorrow Mom and I are going to the Cities to check out the yarn shop scene and get up to some hijinks in Uptown. You know how it goes. Maybe MOA? Who knows.
But BUT. The highlight of my day occured at 9AM. The doorbell rang. And rang again. I tried to ignore it but it wouldn't go away. So I came downstairs to see who the hell it was. IT WAS ASIA!!!!! I was so happy to see that kid again. She's been so busy getting tall and learning to read and playing soccer and playing with her cat and going places that she hasn't been over to visit in a while. I've missed that kid. She is so big. I remember when she liiiiitle. She told me all about everything. It was so good to see her sweet self. Did I mention that? She is so smart. She always has been but I think starting school has brought that out even more so. She told me about wanting to read Harry Potter and how she sneaks it at friends' houses because her mom thinks it will be too scary. She is going to be in 2nd grade this fall. I can't believe it.
And that was what made me really happy inside today.
K, I've babbled on enough. I think that should make up for the lack of posting.
By the way, check out the photoblog, some new stuff up. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

This is a shoutout y' Miss Sarah Edwards on her 22nd birthday!!! Happy Birthday to my probable mother! I hope you day is ever so speacial and I look forward to seeing your mug again come August.

I will do a real live post when I am feeling more productive. This also means updating my photoblog too.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Image hosted by

HOLY SHIT BITCHES! I'm 20!!!! THAT'S RIGHT!!!! Today I was born 20 years ago. I am an old lady. Woweeee!!! Hot diggity damn!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

And I like to write in bold capital letters.
Not a lot has been happening in the life of Mary. Mostly work.
Fourth of July weekend was spent with family up from Chicago. I mostly avoided them by doing my magic trick where I close my eyes and become unconscious for several hours.
I saw a baby screech owl live and in person at the photo lab one day. It was cuuuuute.
Today was my day off from both jobs. It was magical. Mommy and I went shopping. I bought a swim suit. It is pretty. We went to the yarn store. We fondled the yarn. I rubbed some yarn against my cheek. It was soft!
I had a dream about yarn designed by Garth Brooks last night. Also in that dream was a puppy! It wanted to play! But it was stuck in a cage at Walmart. Sorry! I keep hearing our song at work at the Photo lab! You are my friend in the low place!
Sarah Ed! I would tell you how to knit a hat but then I would have to kill you. I apologize.
I shall continue to enjoy my day off by crafting it up tonight with Sworva Jean and enjoying a root beer float as well.
Sorry I don't have a lot of interesting stuff to tell you.
Two important things will be happening in the next ten days: my birthday and Harry Potter. Hot diggity damn.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Ooooooh my babies I'm so sorry that I haven't blogged in a while. I was sooooo tired. Pooped. Cuz working 2 jobs does that to you. Nothing exciting happened. Mommy and Daddy are home now. I got some nifty rugby stuff - cool ass newspaper articles.
Stupid stupid stupid asthma. Stupid stupid stupid crazy hot weather. Making it all hard for me to breathe. Damn you all! I stay inside and look out the window and wish I could be out in the yard enjoying the weather. Maybe knitting or enjoy a book? No such luck. Supposedly we are supposed to get some big ass thunder storms soon. Bitchin'! Meh!
But can you believe it is almost July? Can you believe how June has flown by? I sure can't. July means my birthday which means exciting! But which also means that I must work on my birthday. Poopytown.
I managed to burn myself on one of the heat lamps at the hospital but not nearly as bad as I burned myself on the hotplate holder. Sizzle goes my hand!
Some people are dumb. Some people are reaaaaallllly dumb. That is what I learned today.
There are little mushrooms in the yard! I want to make pictures of them cuz they are so neat! Maybe I do it tonight before the grass gets cut. That would be swell. I will brave the heat for my photographic endeavors.
In knitting news, I finished Dan's hat and have to still do some finishing stuff on it (blocking, tightening up the joins) and then it will be ready to send off. It would have taken me a lot short time to finish it had I not been so tired at night. I am not a very good knitter when I am tired. The next project is a hat for Sworva Jean and leg warmers for me. Mr. Pecky has also requested a hat and that is in the cue as well. Oh man do I freaking love to knit. Does it show?
I got to play beer pong after a long dry spell. Pete came home and brought my surrogate other big brother John with him. John and I played the pong but I lost 3 games in a row. John has an unfair height advantage you see. A very unfair height advantage. Poopy? I dunno. The knitting blog will be update once the hat is finished for reals. TTFN.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

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Freakin' A I was cute! This is me in 3rd grade. I found this picture when I was cleaning my desk last winter. I didn't know I was such a cutie.
So an update on my arm. Its gotten nastier since all the skin peeled off the burn. Now its all red and angry looking. It doesn't feel nice either. In the cafeteria they have set up heat lamps over the hot food and I just know before the summer is out I am going to burn the shit out of some part of me on one of those lamps. Its going to happen its just a matter of when.
I am enjoying my vacation from the parentals. I broke a bowl this evening. Too bad it wasn't on purpose and it was a nice bowl. But still! Haha!
I've been trying to a work on the hat I am knitting for my love but I am so pooped when I come home from work every night. Plus double pointed needles can be really annoying to work with. I also wanted to take pictures tonight of some of the pretty flowers growing outside but I didn't make it out of there till 8ish and the light was going so pictures wouldn't have worked very well. We gots fuschias and then the wild flowers up near the woods. All just begging to have a photo snapped of them. Sorry I can't oblige yet.
I miss everyone from school. I want the summer to go by fast so I can go back and have crazy fun again. Its not enough to talk to y'all on the internets or in some cases the cellularized telephone. I need to see yous. Wisconsin is boring. For serious. RIT isn't. For serious. Miss y'all so much. Oh Miss Edwards? I miss your patootie too. Like woah. Why you gots to be in Jersey? Oh we miss you so much here.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

What the hell did I do to myself?
Image hosted by

That right there is what working at the hospital has done to me. Burned the shit out of my arm. Notice how the burns keep getting worse and worse? The first one you can barely see, it was no big deal. The second one is starting to fade but damn was it painful. The third one? OWIE!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS REALLY HURTS!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! WHEN THEY SAY "HOT PLATE" THEY MEAN HOT FUCKING PLATE!!!!!! And it only starts to look worse the more it heals. On my other arm, I have the place where they gave me my TB test and where they drew blood. Not quite as nasty looking but definately ouchie.
Working at the hospital is insulting my intelligence. "Oh my, you catch on quick." Grrrrrrrrrr. I've picked up some more hours so I will be spending most of my life there for the rest of June. Working in nutrition services must be why some people turn to drink.
So I am alone. Mom and Dad have gone on their big anniversary trip. The name of the game is to decide what mischief to cause. Eating off the good dishes is a must. Some have suggest setting fire to certain parts of the house. I will not live to see my 20th birthday if that happens. Wow and that's like a month away. Wowie! I'm gonna be so old!
Its so weird being by myself. Thank goodness Sworva is coming to stay. I came home from work last night all lonely and such cuz I knew the house would be empty. Le sigh.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

hehe. I am all a titter. Daddy came home all tipsy! hehe!
Here are a few things that you need to know: (after all I am in the blogging mood)
- I burned myself at work. Owie.
- I miss my love. A lot.
- My love's is coming along swimingly! Swell! Fabulous!
- Working at the hospital sucks. Alot.
- Working at Sharp doesn't.
- I've finished another book.
- I would love if you people commented on my blog. Cuz I just like hearing what y'all have to say.

The end.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

A craptastical day back at Sharp Photo. Infortunately, I did not get the pleasure of viewing any amateur porn. But it was kinda weird being back. A lot of stuff changed but one thing hasn't - the customers are still surly.
In knitting news, I have begun my love's hat. It is interesting to knit on double pointed needles. I miss my love. A lot.
Tomorrow I do not have to work at either the photo lab or the hospital so I think I am going to relax. Hopefully do something outside. Get some knitting done. I'm sorry I'm so boring. But I had the urge to blog.

for you

Fill my heart with song
Let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Awww yeah bitches.
Mary has 2 jobs! I went to visit at Sharp Photo and they were all "We mis you Mary! Come work!" and I was all "Ok." I am mucho happy. I was trying to figure out how to support my knitting habit.
Working at the hospital isn't so bad. It took me a day to master my position and now they've decided to train me on something else too. Oooohhhhh! The excitement! My favorite part is setting up trays for the 4th floor. Thats where the crazies are. They get plastic silverware.
Mommy and I visited the Flower Farm yesterday. We had to go way down Highway 93. It looks like someone vomitted orange cones and road construction equipment on that stretch of highway, there is so much road construction. But what would a Wisconsin summer be without road construction? I got some new shorts and stuff yesterday as well. This was a good thing as I had been lacking in that department.
Summer reading update: I am reading up a storm. I finished The Broker and have deemed it one of the shittiest books I've ever read. I'm almost finished with Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. He's the guy who wrote The DaVinci Code. Angels and Demons is just as titillating. I don't know what I am going to read next. I'm sorry y'all have to read this drivel. I know my life is pretty boring. Bitch me out in the comments. I love to hear what ya have to say.
By the way - did you know that there is now a knitting blog? I suggest you all go visit and take a peek at the wavy scarf. It is a sight to behold.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

It is saturday morning and I am up entirely too early. I was planning on sleeping in as late as possible. However, life seldom goes according to plan.
My brother is home. This is weird for me. The last time I saw him it was in Febuary and it was for about 5 minutes. I needed a plunger and he had the closest one. I was not too interested in seeing my big brother. I was more interested in getting ahold of a plunger.
Today I think I will atempt to clean my room and finish unpacking. Have I mentioned lately that I miss some people? One person in particular. I was all boohooing yesterday. God, I'm such a girl.
I am really not looking forword to starting work. I wish Sharp Photo would call and be all, "We miss you Mary! We so underappreciated you! Come back to us! We'll give you all the hours you want and we'll give you a really big raise!" Oh man that would be sweet.
Yesterday I knew I was truly home when, as I was sitting in the car waiting for my mom outside the clinic, a gentlemen clad all in black (black jeans, black shirt, black COWBOY HAT, black COWBOY BOOTS) waddled up to the front door, disappeared inside and reappeared moments later. I watched his progress and smiled to myself. "I am truly home," I thought.
Current read: The Broker By John Grisham. Its pretty good so far. Less of a legal thriller than Grisham used to write, more in the style of Robert Ludlam. The CIA is chasing somebody and all that goodness. I don't know what is next up. Mommy gave me a whole pile of books to read. I am itching to get through them.
To you like my new long posts? I find summer more condusive to blogging. Yay!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Home is where your toliet is!
I am home. It feels weird. I can't quite explain why. I miss RIT. I miss my love. I miss Erin and all the rest. I have to wait 3 months before I get to play rugby or beer pong with my peeps again. Enough of being emotastic!
This summer I will be working at Sacred Heart Hospital in nutrition services as a nutrition services aide. This is a fancy word for washing dishes and preparing trays. Yay! Why is Mary not working at Sharp? You ask. Well, Sacred Heart will pay me more! But I will try and get in some hours at everyone's favorite photo lab so I can get my amater porn fix.
In knitting news! I have almost finished the wavy scarf. A long car ride is very condusive to knitting. Next I make a hat for my love. Hopefully I can get another project going too. I need to finance my yarn habit (among other things) this summer. Most exciting of all I get to see Sworva Jean tonight!!!!! I can't wait. I have missed her. My darling brother is coming home this weekend. I don't think I've missed him too much. Although it is quite amusing to drunk dial him.
Current summer read: I am rereading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams - y'all need to suggest some summer reads for me. That would be supa fly!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I am done. With. school. Wowie. It feels weird. Yet I am still stuck in Crotchester. Oh well.
I thought I would change things up a bit. You like?
Eau Claire kiddies: I'll be home for shizzure May 24. You know you wanna hang out with me.
So that's about it for now. Enjoy.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

I just looked out my window to see a random person walking on stilts. Weird?
No, its normal here. Like trenchcoats, capes, and wizard hats.


A pretty new picture is up. Go take a peek.
Ben Harper is magical. He can do all kinds of stuff with his own two hands. World peace. Cleaning up the earth. Wow. Let Ben Harper be an example to you all.

The rugby season is over. I shed a tear. I got to HOOK yesterday! I was a HOOKER! A DIRTY LITTLE HOOKER!! Mmmm but I do have a favorite hooker....hehe

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I have this bruise on my thigh that showed up this morning. I have no idea where it came from. Somebody better tell me...
School is almost over. I don't know what I am going to do with myself this summer. Do a lot of knitting hopefully.
I have ballroom dancing in a bit. So far I can foxtrot, tango, cha cha, swing, waltz, meringe, and hustle. In the latin class after I have learned the salsa, the samba, and some others but I can't remember them because all the latin dances seem the same. I have the best dance partner in the world. :)
Rugby is almost over. I am sad.

Monday, April 18, 2005

I'm sorry I haven't posted for awhile. I am a bad person. don't have to tell me.
But I did post something new to my photoblog. I hope you enjoy it. Really there has not been much going on with me besides school and rugby. I have bruises all over my legs.
I totally stayed awake for an entire movie last night. This does not happen very often.
Oh man. This week we are starting real live biomed photo stuff this week. High mag photography. Yeaaaaah. Microscopes n' shit. That's how I roll.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Immaculate Perception has been updated with the coolest picture you will ever see. So sayeth Mary.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Here's a little story for y'all. Does it relate to rugby? Yes! Okey dokey...
Yesterday was a typical spring day in Rochester, NY: rain, wind and miserable. The guys' rugby team was supposed to scrimmage the University of Rochester. However, apparently the pussy bitches at U Roch cannot play in the rain. So they forfeited. But to further drive home my point. The girls' team (my team yo) had a scrimmage that evening. The weather had not gotten any better but we went and played anyway. Of course we were scrimmaging ourselves...but STILL. We rule that much.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Rugby! Is! My! Life!
So ya know...ruck me, maul me, make me scrum.

Stuff has really been looking up as of late. Rochester has finally allowed spring to arrive and the snow has melted mostly away. Today it is sunny outside. It truely seems like Easter.

I am knitting myself a very pretty spring scarf. And now that it is spring I need to go outside and take pictures of y'all so I can have some more stuff for my photoblog.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Rugby! In the snow! Yay!
Play rugby in the snow. It is the funnest.
Mary feels like smiling again.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Beware the ides of March.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Rugby is good times. Happy hour on friday night...I drank a bit past my limit. It was interesting.
I finished a scarf for my buddy TK. I will post pictures later.
I think I need to take a nap and then do some knitting. Possibly some reading for human bio? I don't know. I'll see where the afternoon takes me.
I have some bruises whose origin I am not sure of. Oh noes.

Monday, March 07, 2005


alt="Image hosted by">

Me and Sworva Jean. Miss ya babe.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Modest Mouse was 10 kinds of awesome. It was lovely to see my ladies as well. But you already know that.

Let's talk about one of my passions....

I have bought yarn and cast on 42 stitches for my new project. However attempting to purl is giving me fits. I'm not so great at it. At one point I had it mastered but I am quite rusty now. So it is a challenge. I hope I don't have to rip out and start over again. I have done this once before. It annoys me. I have (had) this thing with my knitting projects. I am scared to do things that are challenging because I am afraid I will have to start over and over again. I figured I had to stop that because that is no way to be a knitter. So I am doing this scarf because it is a challenge - I am not so great at purling. I am also going to do this project with minimal help from my mom. As soon as I get the hang of purling again. Tomorrow Mommy and I are going to the Cities. We are visiting a yarn shop and other shops too. I am in search of a needle case holder thingie. I need one cuz Mommy is sending me back to school with every size needle ever from Granma's stash of needle's. I am most excited.

Been cleaning my room. My desk is clean so I can set up my compy and type my little heart out there. It makes me happy. I have also cleaned out much crap from many places. I also didn't realize that I had so many clothes that I did not wear or had been saving for some odd reason. I feel FREE of my clutter!!! FREE!!! All that is left to tackle is my closet...oh dear lord.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I have pain in my heart. I can't make it go away.
Like, I feel all broken inside and I feel like because I've been broken inside so many times that I can't put the pieces back together anymore. I don't understand why things can't just be the way I want them to be. Like I want to feel whole again but there is this gaping hole and its sucking everything into it so fast that I can't fix it. I wonder when things get to go right for me? Right in the way I want them too. I know I shouldn't be waiting around but I can't help but wait because there is nothing better to do. There is nothing there anymore to spark me or keep me going like there used to be. I feel blank. Maybe it's better off if I just stopped caring?
I know its come back. I felt really really good for a too short a period of time. I felt strong and invincible. Now I feel weak and small. I can't remember when I last felt good before then. I wanna feel good again but I don't know if I can do it.

And that's what's been bothering me.
Bjork, with her soaring voice, lifts me up even when I am feeling my lowest of lows.

Last final today.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Lookit what my next knitting project is going to be!!! It 10 kinds of awesomeness!
I made a a play list for my ipod for the plane ride home. It makes me excited to go home. I only have one final left. I get excited.
Home will be super duper awesome. Cuz this place is starting to make me all funny in the head. Plus I get to go to a Modest Mouse concert!!!!
Also I have posted to your favorite photo blog and you know what would make me very happy? If you kids commented.
Remember Febuary 23 EC airport. My arrival.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I forgot! You must also see this hotness!!!
I did some tweaking and now my spring quarter shedule is full of hotness! Oh hells yes. Spring quarter is going to be sweeeeeet.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


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Remember that story I told you about my pinky nail doing all that damage? Well here is said damage, live and in color. I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Thank you for those who have commented on my pictures. For the rest of you who have looked at them but have not commented, what the fuck? No really, what the fuck?
I have much to do this weekend. Studying, final projects to finish. But I have taken time out from my busyness to give y'all an update on my happenings.
Friday morning my pinky nail did serious damage to my hand as I managed to slash the area below my thumb quite severly with said pinky nail. It is a nasty looking gash that looks as if something much worse than a pinky nail could have inflicted such damage.
Friday was also the day I recieved my Valentine's cheese box from Mommy and Daddy. It thrilled me to bit because y'all know how much I loves cheese. The cheese tastes MARVELOUS by the way.
I am going to be releasing my anger this spring via rugby. Apparently, according to those who will not be named, I have much anger to be released. I will just pretend my opponent is him. I digress. I am very excited about rugby as I will be playing with my posse. We are all living together next year so we are doing this to bond. Plus playing in the mud is fun.
I am much looking forword to Spring Break. (And Modest Mouse!!!!!!) Remember EC kiddies: Febuary 23, 11PM, EC Airport. That is when I arrive and thus you should welcome me appropriately.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

It is almost midnight. I don't know how long I've been knitting for but it has been a long time. You see, knitting is like crack. It is highly addictive. Sometimes you spend lots of money on it. But I love it. I would never stop.
Check out my photoblog. Its the hizzy fa shizzy. I put up a new picture. Its what my tuition dollars have allowed me to do.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

"No...I want a fucking Range Rover." - some kid I heard today, talking on his cell phone. It was amusing.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Sickness! Why do you taunt me so? Especially when I have much work to do???
It sucks to run out of tampons.
So things are going much better. My only problem is that I really need some self-esteem boosters at the moment. Like it would be nice if SOMEONE ANYONE commented on my photos on the photo blog. Is that much of a hint? But I don't know what to do to make myself feel good. Right now, I feel like everything I do sucks. There is a scholarship I can apply for, but I don't know if I want to waste my time with it. I feel like nothing I've done so far this year is worthwhile. Because nothing ever turns out like I want it. Even relationships. Ugh.
Just a reminder that I will be home FEBUARY 23. You Eau Claire kids should keep me entertained, ya hear?

Saturday, January 29, 2005

I don't want to be lonely.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Lately I have been sleeping a lot. Too much I think. Sleep has become for me someting I do when I get upset. Since today was kind of icky (Cagers in the Photo building being bitches) all I feel like doing is sleeping. This is a problem. I get bored with life. So I sleep.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Well my dream has come true thanks to Sarah E.! I have created for myself a photoblog. So far there is very little on it. I don't have many pictures on my compy quite yet even though most things I do for school are done digitally. I haven't been taking many pictures for fun either because its shitty out. We had a blizzard yesterday, the likes of which is never seen in Wisconsin. Outside my window. the quad is pristine, covered in a blanket of white. I dread walking to class tomorrow. Maybe my profs will cancel class. That would be AWESOME.
Things are going well despite recent events. I keep forgetting that when bad things happen to me, I always triumph. ALWAYS. I can't let this new thing rule. I have to do what's best for me and I know where I belong now and who my real friends are. Anyway...I picked up some yarn and needles on Friday (I got off campus wooohooo!) and I have reignited the fire in me that is knitting. So I making scarfes for the silly boys on the floor who have none. Sarah McK. and I have stitch 'n bitch and we usually force Justin into crafting it up too. We got him to do some macrame. Today I feel like being lazy. I think I will get a photoshop tutorial out of the way and maybe do some reading for philosophy - though I doubt that will happen. The big goal though is to write letters to Kraft Foods and French's mustard people to tell them how much I enjoy their products. Hopefully this will make them see that they need to send me free things. Especially Kraft. Because whoa nelly, I can't get enough of that Pasta Pronto stuff. It's delightful!
Sooooo here is my photoblog Immaculate Perception if anyone can think of a better name please do so. I don't think anyone gets the play on words except me and Sworva. Also don't hesitate to comment and tell me how much I suck. I would love to hear what you have to say and then get the opourtunity to put a voodoo curse on you.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Big test tomorrow. How will I do? We shall see. Studying all week better pay off.
By the way...have you seen my photo blog? (Thanks Sarah E)
It sucks right now but I'm working on it

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Much has happened since my last post. Most of it I don't want to talk about. All I can say is, I can't wait for the quarter to be over.
In fact, I really need the weekend right about now. Normally I am not much of a drinker. But this is one of those weekends when I feel like getting trashed. So thats what I'm going to do.
I really need to be remotivated photo-wise. I am getting so discouraged with Biomed Photo. Suppon being such a hard core photo teacher and working at Sharp for three years have really put me a head of the game. The only thing thats really kind of new to me this year is working on photo shop and working in the studio. But I was talking to Megan T today and she was saying how in her class a recent grad came in to talk about whats she's been doing and that that really made her feel motivated about photo again. I could really use something like that right now. We all have to do a self assignment and I'm really excited about mine, I start shooting it friday. So thats one thing. I don't know. I thinks stuff thats been going on and the ugly winter weather thats got me down. Cuz I can't just go out and shoot pictures to make myself feel better like I used to when the weather is this shitty.
But I do have a digital SLR out for tomorrow's studio session....maybe we'll play tonight.

In other news, for all you kids who've been longing to see me...I will be back in town Feb 23. I will be flying into the EC airport this time so I will expect a whole mess of people at the gate. The flight gets in at 10:50 PM. Be there.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

I want to know how to make a photo blog. It would be super fly awesome.
Lazy saturday afternoon. Gotta take some pictures at some point. Why the hell am I so hungry. Arrggg. String cheese is not cutting it.

Friday, January 07, 2005

I loooove fridays. On friday I only have one class and that class is only one hour and then I am done. Wahoo!
It is my firm belief that philosophy is impossible to read. It is just gibberish. Which is why I don't read the reading assignments for my philosophy class. Because it is gibberish. There is a lot of reading I must do but I don't do it. I get assigned a lot of shit to read. Its just not cool! Damn you phonics!
Mommy would not be happy if she heard me say that. Lets keep a secret between you and me, ok?

Saturday, January 01, 2005

My blog is so pretty now!
Its a new year!
I got a manicure thingie for christmas and I was playing with it yesterday. Now my thumbnail looks all jagged. It was too powerful for me! It got out of control! Its tragic.
Who gets to go to church twice in one day? I do! I love it! Oh yeah!
I go back to school tomorrow. I didn't get to see all the people I wanted to and now I probably won't get to see them till summer because I have "spring break" at the end of winter. Its crazy!
I just realized how happy exclamation points look.