Saturday, May 28, 2005

It is saturday morning and I am up entirely too early. I was planning on sleeping in as late as possible. However, life seldom goes according to plan.
My brother is home. This is weird for me. The last time I saw him it was in Febuary and it was for about 5 minutes. I needed a plunger and he had the closest one. I was not too interested in seeing my big brother. I was more interested in getting ahold of a plunger.
Today I think I will atempt to clean my room and finish unpacking. Have I mentioned lately that I miss some people? One person in particular. I was all boohooing yesterday. God, I'm such a girl.
I am really not looking forword to starting work. I wish Sharp Photo would call and be all, "We miss you Mary! We so underappreciated you! Come back to us! We'll give you all the hours you want and we'll give you a really big raise!" Oh man that would be sweet.
Yesterday I knew I was truly home when, as I was sitting in the car waiting for my mom outside the clinic, a gentlemen clad all in black (black jeans, black shirt, black COWBOY HAT, black COWBOY BOOTS) waddled up to the front door, disappeared inside and reappeared moments later. I watched his progress and smiled to myself. "I am truly home," I thought.
Current read: The Broker By John Grisham. Its pretty good so far. Less of a legal thriller than Grisham used to write, more in the style of Robert Ludlam. The CIA is chasing somebody and all that goodness. I don't know what is next up. Mommy gave me a whole pile of books to read. I am itching to get through them.
To you like my new long posts? I find summer more condusive to blogging. Yay!

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Dan said...

Mary I love reading about your days heh.
I miss you too
and I love you very much

I can't wait till i can be with you again and play some beer pong heh