Sunday, December 28, 2003

I have returned! I'm am well rested and no longer a shade of pastyness. December was kind of the month from hell for me but now I feel allllll bettttter!
I recieved many nice things for Christmas. Waiting for me on the kitchen counter when I returned was a t-shirt that said "Serbia yay!" which my brother is most jealous of. Haha! Thank you very much Sarah! (Thank you also to Sarah P. for taking good care of my house and for Whale Rider)
I shared a room with my brother the past week. He is stinky and does not put the seat down. Or flush the toliet. Or hang up his towels. Or go to bed at a decent time. He is a strange creature.
The best present of all was a letter. But I will say nothing more. I will give no clues either.

The Red Cross sent me a mean letter telling me my blood was bad. They said it tested positive for hepatitis c or b some letter. They said they could not use it. This makes me said because they must have made a mistake and now I will have to go to the doctor and get a test for real just to make sure. Stinky!
I realized today that I do not like to fly because I always end up sitting next to strangers. An old lady kept elbowing me to ask stupid questions. The plane was scary too. It shook a lot.

Merry Christmas belated wishes to all!

Monday, December 15, 2003

Donna is the coolest! I got the best Christmas present ever today! A t-shit! And not just any t-shirt! One that says Everybody Loves a Slavic Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! I elated and overjoyed and wearing it tomorrow!
When they ask Saddam where the weapons of mass destruction are, he will say, "In George W. Bush's pussy." Because that is where they are.

Funniest thing I hears today: "By fur trade they mean prostitution." I peed myself for that one.

Hot damn

It is my christmas gift to the world!

But you've probably already seen it.

School sucks and I am ready to do done with it for awhile. I should be doing History as usual but I haven't read the chapter so that makes it hard to do the assignment.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

I like Mental Health Days.

I cannot wait until next year. Not only will I be in college but I will not be working at Sharp during the holiday season. This means that I will probably like Christmas again. Which will be nice. As much as I bitch about working at Sharp, I really love so don't pay any attention the comments I make.
Evan I hope you are coming in today like you said you would. That is, if you can get in the door. The store should be jam packed with customers.
I watched the Italian Job last night. Turkish was in it! He got to play a....Turkish-type charcter. Still it was an exciting movie because fast cars were in it and Turkish drove them.
We're watching Harold and Maude in Philosophy and I don't understand why. Maybe Kaz is just trying to freak us out.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Damn I feel just like a big time scientist in the human genome project when I make graphs about base pairs whilst I wear my glasses
This is the week from hell. It is my own fault that it is so but only sort of.
I need to work on my time-manegment skills better. But this time of year it is not so easy. Work is hell. It is not cool when you come home from work and cannot stay standing because your legs hurt too much. This is the third year I've had to deal with this shit. I've paid my dues there, I think I deserve a sitting down job during christmas.
But I am writing this from home because that is where I am today. Not because I am sick but because I am tired and have fallen behind in school and am going to go crazy. It is more like a Mental Health day. I have much to do because I have not had any time to work on it.
Ugggh. The keyboard and I are best friends.
Babysitting Miss Asia yesterday was fun as always. We didn't go sleding as I had hoped because we had to go to dance class. (That was a joy in itself because I had bratty children I didn't know climbing all over me. I wanted to fling them across the room but I think their mother's would've been angry. Well their mothers should have been watching them.) Then we had dinner and by the time we got home it was almost time for bed and Miss Asia wanted to watch a Barney video. Barney is the bane of my existence. He is much too happy. I think he ODs on Prozac.
I have much to do but I cannot get started yet. I have a lab report, biweekly, and AP US hist. to do. Plus I should make an appearance at forensics practice since I have not met witch my coach yet. Oh well. Plus I have christmas shopping to do. Ughh!

Sunday, December 07, 2003

So I got rejected from Madison. Which is no big deal because I didn't want to go there in the first place I only applied there to appease certain people. I'm not sad or anything I'm just bitter because I didn't get to say no to them.
But it also makes me think that if I don't get in to Madison, where will I get in? What if I don't get in anywhere? I will have to work at Sharp for the rest of my life! This thought scares me. Let me reiterate: this is one of those times when I wish I had a large and very powerful remote control and I could use it to fast forword through time and avoid all this waiting over RIT and U of M. I just wanna know! There are other things to keep me busy. School is a good start. I should be doing school work right now. I don't know how I'm going to get anything done at all this week. I'm so busy. I work Tuseday, baby sit Wed., have a band concert Monday plus monday is a holy day of obligation which means I have to go to church. Uggggh!

There was a christmas party at my house yesterday. I learned that the Yew tree is not a very well known tree.

My legs hurt like a bitch. Work was nasty today. Very busy despite the Packer/Bear game. Got to babysit people who still can't do things on their own. My favorite!

I update my other blog, Bibliophile read and enjoy!

Thursday, December 04, 2003

I love half days. I went out to lunch with my mom and saw many people at Acoustic. Crazy! Then my mom and I went to find cool yarn for the purse I am going to start knitting and I spent way too much money on it. Cool yarn is expensive. Oh well. I am excited to knit my purse and I have plenty of time to do so. I bought christmas presents for my dad and my brother. I got the new issue of BUST magazine too. Then we went home and my mom and I are trying to start the purse. First you start with the bottom. You cannot start at the top like I wanted to. I wanted to do top, bottom, and then the strap but you can't do things that way. You must go by what the pattern says.
I am listening to Badly Drawn Boy. It is glorius.
I shaved my legs. I didn't realize I had a whole line of bruises up and down my shin on my right leg. A thick layer of fur will hide these facts from you.
What else? Oh! I have my senior quote! Would you like to see it? You would! Hurray! Here it is. You cannot steal it ok?

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." --Albert Camus

It's funny how that describes me perfectly. It came off of a corny ass calender my dad gave me for christmas last year. That's been the only good thing that calender had going for it.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

So yesterday, I wrote this post about what a bad day I had because my period was coming and stuff and I felt like I was stoned because I couldn't comprehend human speech. I posted it but it has disappeared. This makes me sad. :(
(Private to Evan - No I don't get horrible periods but I have the worst mood swings known to man before my period. So there.)
Yes Evan and I were talking about periods. Isn't that special? That's a way to make friends!
Uggh. As I begin to look toward the end of the school year the more I realize that high school is starting to become like Nazi Germany. They have implemented a whole new system in the cafeteria because stupid shitheads have been stealing things! So now only so many people can be let into the ala carte line at a time. Fucking stupid if you ask me. I'm bringing my lunch from now on. I'm 18 years old, I think I can handle eating lunch from school and not stealing things. STUPID!!!!!!!!!
I am so angry. I feel more and more like I am being treated like a small child. I want to be seen as somewhat as an adult but that obviously isn't going to happen any time soon.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Sarah E!!!! I have you photos!!! Would you like to see them? I have a half day on thursday! We should do lunch!

December 1 begins the countdown. I have 45 days until I know. My head might explode. Come January 12 y'all better be patient with me. I will be a nervous wreak.
Evan how the shit did you get my email address? You scare me. Please stop sending me ads about the penis patch. I do not have a penis. But if I did I would be proud. I think. I don't know?
Everyone should see Love, Actually. It will warm the coldest of hearts. I promise. You will walk out of the theater with a spring in your step, a smile on your face and a song in your heart.
I'm not doing homework tonight. That is really exciting. At least I think so.