Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dear Modest Mouse,
I woke up at 7:20AM this morning and downloaded your new album from iTunes.
Thank you for rocking so hard.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Dear Roommate,
I don't care how hyper being out in the cold makes you, I just want you to shut the hell up.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Good Things

Hey! Its 2AM and I can't sleep. Forgot to take my little friend, Ambien. So what does one do? Blog of course! Here are some good things that have been happening lately (cuz focusing on the positive makes me sleepy):

-Working my ass off all quarter + getting good grades = Dean's List! (And I thought I would never understand math!)
-Father-daughter dinner dates
-Egg cups!
-40% off coupons for awesome fabric
-On sale fabric
-Finding out that buying fabric is just as much of an addiction as buying yarn...priceless
-Knit Picks circular needles!
-Watching little neighbors grow up...little Miss Asia is nine years old now and quite the little character. I remember when she was four. She is one of the best parts about visiting home.
-Seeing friendly friends you haven't seen in a looooong ass time.
-Talking to Daddy and figuring out that everything is going to be ok.

Something not so good? Going home and catching the bad cold your mother has. At least I think I have it. Its only in the sore throat stage at the moment - lets hope it stays that way.