Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Crazy Aunt Purl tagged everyone on the planet for what is about to come. Since I enjoy these things, and I like to talk about myself and this is my blog, I am gonna do it. I also like to read Crazy Aunt Purl's blog too.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me
1. I broke my foot when I was 11 tripping over a soccer ball.
2. I am obsessed with TLC.
3. I hate being in wet clothes.
4. I hated christmas for 4 years. Now that I am 2 years out from working the Christmas season, I think I might like it again.
5. I cannot see for shit without contacts or glasses.
6. I have been in 3 accidents.
7. I've never been pulled over.
8. I used to be afraid of squirrels.
9. I am dangerously addicted to computer solitare.
10. I like to think if I daydream about something horrible happening, then it won't happen. Ever.

Nine Places I've Visited
1. England
2. Scotland
3. Germany
4. Austria
5. Venezuala
6. California
7. The Panama Canal
8. Aruba
9. Costa Rica

Eight Ways to Win My Heart
1. Ask me to knit you something then don't bug me about it constantly.
2. Always be willing to look at my crazy biomed photos.
3. Cheese.
4. Fondle yarn with me.
5. Read this blog.
6. Love me unconditionaly.
7. Feed me.
8. Hugs. Lots of them.

Seven Things I want to do Before I Die
1. Visit India.
2. Visit Asia.
3. Do something amazing for someone in need.
4. Spend a good chunk of my life (total) volunteering and helping others.
5. Make a list of 100 books and read all of them.
6. Drive cross country.
7. Pierce my bellybutton.

Six Things I'm Afraid of
1. Losing my mom.
2. Bugs.
3. Wetting my pants in public.
4. Forgetting something really important.
5. Not Getting enough time to knit.
6. Math

Five Things I don't Like
1. Math class.
2. Rain that makes you soaking wet all over.
3. People who really need to shave and get a haircut. Really badly. See the RIT campus for example.
4. People who set their cats free and then the cats become feral cats and roam this campus.
5. Cold showers.

Four Ways to Turn Me Off
1. Never shower or use deodorant.
2. Lie.
3. Never apologizing for your mistakes.
4. Not appreciating the things I knit.

Three Thing I Do Everyday
1. Debate getting out of bed.
2. Think about knitting or knit and then get really excited.
3. Enjoy cheese in some form.

Two Things that Make Me Happy
1. Dan
2. Unexpected sunshine

One thing On My Mind Right Now
1. I really need to shower cuz I just got out of the pool.

So now I tag YOUSarah Eddy! Naha!
Hope you all enjoyed this. Cuz I did.

Monday, November 28, 2005

This pissed me off. Royaly. I like how at the end the author, after praising men for most of the column, talks about babies born out of wedlock with no fathers. I thought men were responsible and wonderful and all that. Then where are all the dads to all those babies? I am no man hater. But I don't appreciate one women putting her entire gender down while she puts the other gender up on pedestal. Men and women are flawed. It'll be ok.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I don't do this a lot but today I am doing it because its that kind of day. Booooring. Yawn.

You Are Lemon Meringue Pie

You're the perfect combo of sassy and sweet
Those who like you have well refined tastes

Fun fun fun

Friday, November 18, 2005

Sometimes when I am plucking my eyebrows (a bad idea for me since I like to get overpluck them and then I look crazy so I end up getting them waxed yes I know but it is the one girly thing I do) I feel like the little hairs squeak when they come out. I don't mind the pain. I like to look at the root of the hair. Sometimes I get an epithelial or sometimes it is just the root. It is neato to look at. Cuz I am weird like that.

Today I am getting on a jet plane and flying home. Usually I get all melancholy when I leave for break. I am a little melancholy this time but I am also really excited. I will have an entire week to do nothing but knit, hang out with my mom, watch TLC and the Discovery health channel, knit some more and see my buddies. I am bringing my camera home so I can take pictures. I still have to continue the pictures in my hands across EC collection. I only have 2. I will miss Dan but it is only for a week. Then when we get back we are going to see Harry Potter. I am restraining myself.

People I get to see: Sworva, my mom, my Dad, Sarah Eddy, Pete, possibly Tony, and of course my kitty. I wanna make an entry for Stuff On My Cat, Kitty will be much pleased to help me no doubt methinks.

Shut up blogger, stop telling me my html is wrong. I made websites for a quarter I know what I'm doing.

BTW you can view my website here

Monday, November 14, 2005

2 Things
First thing: I posted some new stuff on Flickr. It took me dern near 5 months to do it, but these important pictures are there. Yay!
Second thing: Sarah Eddy wanted me to post some of the knit blogs I look at. So here goes.
Crazy Aunt Purl
Streets and YOs
Knitting Iris
Fig & Plum

Thats just a few. I like to read knitting blogs cuz they inspire me and make me wanna knit. But I can't knit because I am look at the internets.

Eau Claire kiddies: I'm going to be home Friday 11/18. I'll be back late. And then methinks we are doing something for my mudder's birthday on saturday. So sunday. Yes!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Dear Rene Zelwegger,
I want to love you. I think we could be best friends. I loved you in Bridget Jones and Empire Records and Cinderella Man. Fabulous roles! And Cold Mountain? Girl, that Oscar was well deserved. It might be safe to say that you could be my favorite actress. Could. You see, Rene, my friends and I, we eat. If we were friends, I would take you to Nick Tahou's or Henrietta Hots and we would devour garbage plates and roadie plates. Because we would be stinking drunk and have the drunkchies. Because that's what friends do. But Rene! I am afraid for you. What if we hugged and I broke you? I would have broken my friend! Oh no! I want you to eat Rene. And gain about 10 pounds. You will look so hot. Then we could be friends! But I know you'll charm we anyway with your next movie role. You always do. But don't think you'll get away without eating.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Edit to yesterday's post. When I said:
Sometimes it gets so dibiltating that the inside of my head collapses from the weight of it all and I am momentarily broken and lost.
I forgot to write that I have someone who helps me find my way and pick up the pieces. My love Thank you for all you do.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Hey all yous. First of all, I put up a new photo set on flickr. It is full of ruggerness. I am finally figuring out how to work flickr. So there is where I will post little albums of goodness of my adventures. My photoblog is more for my pretty photographs. Things I do for school or stuff I am exceptionally proud of. I needed to clarify this for myself.
It is week 10. Everything thing is due this week. I have tests and projects due and other poopy things. But so does everyone. Blah.
I just want this quarter to be over. I am tired. It feels like time is creeping by ever so slowly. Who is tired of my deep thoughts?
But then I don't want break to come cuz then I will be away from my love for a week. While that may sound silly, the memory of 3 months apart is still all too fresh. Blah. Again.
But then I need to go home. I know my mom misses me and stuff. I miss her. The worries in my head shout at me alot. On friday night they got too loud. I worry about my mom when she is sick. She had a cold the last time I talked to her and a cold is what got her really sick the last time. What if it happens again? What if she gets really sick and I'm not there to take care of her? I know she is under much better care than before...but supposedly she was too the time before she got really sick. I can't help but worry. It's habit. Like the way I bite all the skin off my lips till they are raw and soft and tender. I can't help but worry. Sometimes I feel like my brain doesn't work right because of this and I wish I could just relax and worry about silly things like what the weather will be like. But I can't. Sometimes it gets so dibiltating that the inside of my head collapses from the weight of it all and I am momentarily broken and lost. I hate that. Because then I am a mess and I don't feel as strong as I am supposed to be.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Again I say again! Photo blog has been updated with a new picture. Yay! Two days in row!