Friday, November 18, 2005

Sometimes when I am plucking my eyebrows (a bad idea for me since I like to get overpluck them and then I look crazy so I end up getting them waxed yes I know but it is the one girly thing I do) I feel like the little hairs squeak when they come out. I don't mind the pain. I like to look at the root of the hair. Sometimes I get an epithelial or sometimes it is just the root. It is neato to look at. Cuz I am weird like that.

Today I am getting on a jet plane and flying home. Usually I get all melancholy when I leave for break. I am a little melancholy this time but I am also really excited. I will have an entire week to do nothing but knit, hang out with my mom, watch TLC and the Discovery health channel, knit some more and see my buddies. I am bringing my camera home so I can take pictures. I still have to continue the pictures in my hands across EC collection. I only have 2. I will miss Dan but it is only for a week. Then when we get back we are going to see Harry Potter. I am restraining myself.

People I get to see: Sworva, my mom, my Dad, Sarah Eddy, Pete, possibly Tony, and of course my kitty. I wanna make an entry for Stuff On My Cat, Kitty will be much pleased to help me no doubt methinks.

Shut up blogger, stop telling me my html is wrong. I made websites for a quarter I know what I'm doing.

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SworvaJean said...

ahaa! so there's my face. i look like a crazy hippie.

arah hope: said...

so, what time Thursday is Thanksgiving?

that question doesn't really make sense, but you know what i mean.