Monday, November 14, 2005

2 Things
First thing: I posted some new stuff on Flickr. It took me dern near 5 months to do it, but these important pictures are there. Yay!
Second thing: Sarah Eddy wanted me to post some of the knit blogs I look at. So here goes.
Crazy Aunt Purl
Streets and YOs
Knitting Iris
Fig & Plum

Thats just a few. I like to read knitting blogs cuz they inspire me and make me wanna knit. But I can't knit because I am look at the internets.

Eau Claire kiddies: I'm going to be home Friday 11/18. I'll be back late. And then methinks we are doing something for my mudder's birthday on saturday. So sunday. Yes!

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arah hope: said...

You are so very, very good to me.