Saturday, May 31, 2003

That's what you get for adding strange pictures to my get removed! But thanks for the help.

I know I've been really lax in updating this pile of steaming turds I call a blog but I can explain. Actually, no I can't.
My knee is really nasty looking. I fell down the front steps at Nate's last night, scraped my knee and ripped my favorite pair of jeans. I like them because they are still really blue and they have primer on them. Now I like them even more because there is a tiny hole in the knee. But I don't like the fact that my knee is scraped. I went home and poured hydrogen perxoide all over it and bandaged myself up. Then I went to bed. Whoohoo.
I got a Neutral Milk Hotel cd yesterday and it made me really happy.
Why didn't anybody tell me how awesome Les Nubians are? Come on! French soul/R&B/"world music" is so delicious.
I'm done with school in three days and then I'm a senior. The funny thing is that I already feel like a senior because I've thinking about college and the like so much this year that I was surprised when I reminded myself that I wasn't going off to college next fall. Instead I have one more year in purgatory. MHS isn't that bad, but I just want to be done. Although, next year does look promising. I've got my Link Crew thing to look forword to plus hopefully I will be participating in Peer Pressure again. Forensics too. Plus I signed up for some interesting classes, I have no math class, and I'll have Mr. Bucholz again. I have stuff to look forword to this summer even: Arizona in June, my birthday in July, Ben & Tori in August, working and making money all summer, and of course, hanging out with my friends. Swimming, bike riding, taking pictures, and reading lots of books.
Finals are this week. Most of my finals are a joke. Like Writing With Style. I just have to share my portfolio. Wait I take that back. Only one of my finals are a joke, WWS. But I don't have to study for most of my finals. Just German. Arggghh. I don't wanna think about it. I just wanna fast forword to Thursday when I won't have to worry anymore and I'll be a senior.
Okey doke. I think I might shut up.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Now I have more freckles because the sun kissed my skin at the parade so I'm more brown too.
Donna and I were going to bike out to Rachel's house today but she wasn't home when we called so we decided not to and then I remembered that I was up for a while in the wee hours of the morning trying to sleep and it would not be condusive to my health to exert myself in such a manner. So instead we rode to my house. Then Donna went home. Lalala la.
I can't wait for school to be done with. It will make me ever so happy.
Mom and Dad are going to be gone Friday night! WAHOO!
Last night at the retirement dinner I was bored and my dad was busy being a republic in a roomful of democrats (250 to 1) so I talked to Pete about his favorite subject: himself. He's not good at small talk. He only gets really talking when it's about him. Hmmmmmmmm.
Food was crappy last night. Yucky.
I knew "astronomical unit" was an answer in OM today and Mr. M. was surprised but I only knew that cuz I had astronomy last semester. Haha.

Monday, May 26, 2003

Finally I'm done with 48 minutes to spare. Yay! I'm tired. I think I will go take a nap. I don't wanna talk about my paper or anything else.
I'm gonna go write my Taxi Driver paper in minute. But first I wanted to chatter for a bit.
If I can get my paper done by 3PM I'm gonna be so happy I might take a nap. Because marching really takes it out of you. I saw Asia, Justin & Sarah, some parents of my friends, and many others along the parade route. It's weird. I'm wearing an ugly purple tshirt and I'm doing these funny steps and then the band folds into itself and we magically come out of this turn. It never fails to amaze me. I also hate being left guide. If I finish my paper by three I shall tell some more tidbits about my weekend like the pictures of the lady with the droopy bossoms.
Haha! I leave you hanging!

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Bang Bang, I'm killing time. Sorry, didn't mean to do that. We (the juniors) watched Bang Bang You're Dead today. I don't know why. But we had all kinds of discussion after and whatnot about what really goes on at MHS. All that really matters is I got out of class all morning.
I dunno if that's the right reaction to have. I'm still processing.
I got my "link crew" thing today at 12:30. So no real school for me at all today. But I still have homework. I didn't do any last night so this is my punishment. Call me crazy but I'm really excited about doing this. I don't know why. I just am. I guess there is a lot to look forword to senior year. Maybe. Does anyone want to tell me differently?
I have more to say but not right now.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I am wearing my new favorite TShirt today. It's the green Bright Eyes one. My hair is all mussed, I am disoriented. Oh the tragedy!
Donna is torturing me with images, oh the visuals!
One day......

I need to remember to moustrize

Monday, May 19, 2003

I love the way the nurse at my doctor's office laughs. She sounds like Betty Rubble.
My brother's friends bought me cookies! The good kind! From Copps! Yay! That's because when they picked me up from school they were honking the horn of the car and yelling at me to get in. I told them they were embarassing me. They did it again when they picked me up from the doctor. So they bought me cookies. I like cookies. I think I might put them in the freezer. They are too squishy.
I had a good day. My morning was good and so was my afternoon. School was so so, but I'm not going to let that ruin my day. Nahaha.
It's like I have three big brothers right now instead of just one.
I moisturized last night and now my legs are silky smooth! I don't care about the rest of me.
My head hurts. I like pressing on the place right above where my clavicles meets. It feels funny.
Wilco says that the way to fight lonliness is to smile all the time but I don't believe them because then my face would hurt and I wouldn't feel any better than before.
Special props to Blake for fixing my screwy blog. Thanks.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

I feel like taking quizes

I am punk music!!
Rock on, dude! You are Punk music!

What type of music are you?
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Congradulations you are Jem!

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ok that's it

Friday, May 16, 2003

So I'm supposed to reading review about Taxi Driver, the movie I watched for English but I'm not. Actually, I sorta am. I keep switching back and forth. Tonight is a good night. I work. That means money. Joy! Plus, one of my co-workers is moving away, :( , but he said I can take any of the shifts he is scheduled for next week. Yay! More money. Pete is coming home today too. I put a little bit of gas in the car which means that if he uses it up, he has to take responsibility for filling it up again. I am so diabolical!
Yay for a day of school when I get to do nothing! I have to go to senior award today even though I am not a senior. So that takes up most of the morning. Whooohoo! Then I just have German, Band, and Oceanog/Meterolg. Nahahahahaha! Then I work!
There is a carnival going on in the Marshall Field's parking lot this weekend. I am going to go! It will be fun and exciting! Yay! I want to go at night so I can take pictures of all the pretty lights and whatnot. Plus I heard there is a baby tiger there. Baby tiger!
I need to see the Matrix, too. I'll see if I can squeeze it into my busy schedule this weekend. I have such a rockin social life.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Hot diggitty damn! Blake is so my hero!
Concerts I wish to attend this summer (astericks signify how badly I want to go):
July 3, 2003 => The White Stripes @ Roy Wilkins Auditorium (MN) **********************************************************
July 21, 2003 =>Norah Jones @ Northrop Auditorium ****************************
August 9, 2003 => Ben Folds & Tori Amos @ Northrop Auditorium *****************************************************************************************************************************
Who says I can't go to all of them? Three concerts to make up for three bands I will be missing because Lollapolooza was canceled for Minneapolis. (Couldn't find a venue.) While this makes me sad, the prospect of Ben Folds and Tori makes it all better. Plus the White Stripes!
Swimming tonight. Wahoooo! Lunar eclipse tonight as well. I was gonna take pictures but I wanted to for once enjoy it and let the other photo dorks do their things.
Later gator

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Forget all about tag boards unless someone wants to help because I am a stupid and can't do it on my own
Another inane post.
What ho? Alack alack!
lets see how this works
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Guess what? I turned the right way today when we were marching and I wasn't getting yelled at. It was the girl next to me who was marching too slow and screwing up her line. NAHA!
My watch died. It needs a new battery. I miss having it on my wrist. Rachel has my book. I'm gonna bring it back! Baby!
My mom is kinda of pissed at me for forgetting Mother's Day. It wasn't intentional. It was an accident. I feel really really really bad for forgetting but apperently that's not good enough. Oh well. I wanted to go swimming last night but couldn't. I felt incomplete. At least I didn't get all itchy. Alas.
I dropped off a roll of film this morning at work for my pops and this afternoon when I came to pick it up I was talking to the manager and she was all: "Do you wanna work this summer?" I'm all "Of course." But it's like, who's the one who screwed me out of hours from Febuary untill now? I haven't been scheduled for one shift. I've worked a couple of times for others, but that's it. She seemed like I didn't want to work. If this happens again next winter I might blow the store up because at that point I will be saving big time for higher education and won't be able to afford not to work. Does she think I'm on the schedule for the discount? NOOOO I really like working there believe it or not because I know my shit in that department and that info is just sitting in my brain doing nothing. So I put it to good use and all is good.
I don't have a lot of homework tonight and I'm really happy about that because then I can mess around and do nothing. I will not watch TV though. Nope. TV badness. Hmmmm. What should I do? I could read. Yes! Reading is delicious. I could work on my German anecdote thingie but I can't think of anything. Hmmm.
Catch ya on the flipside.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Go see the tracklist for the new mix I made here!!!!
Thank you Sarah E for my tshirt. It's the shiznit!
Thank you also to Mr. Dasher for yelling at me: "Mary! You're turning the wrong way!!!" I know! God. I don't understand. Why don't you help me instead of yelling? There's an idea!
Number of references to the homeowner with the fetus in the oven today on Trading Spaces: 10 plus she kept placing her hands ever so delicately on her tummy even though she didn't have hardly any fetal fat.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Swimming today! Yay! Chistopher Guest genius today! Double Yay! Adrien Brody hotness yesterday! Triple Yay!
There is something about that beak nose....that is...SEXAY!
Ok. I'm done. I really am.
I wish Adrien Brody could join my love train...GODDAMNIT! I gues y'all know what time of the month it is. HORNEY TIME! WHOOOHOO. It's kind bad to have dirty thoughts about Adrien Brody because he could be my father. He's got 13 years on me. But it's doubtful and icky. Lets just have him be my obsessive object of horniness (thank you Jess Darling - character in one of my fave books, sorry) this time and not someone else....
I just ate some cheese and it was good.
Did you know that DeNiro is a hotty boom botty with a mohawk? SHIT! There I go again! This time he really good be my father. I like mohawks. They are sexy. SHit.
I'm gonna shut up.

Saturday, May 10, 2003

I love swimming! It is moist! Plus I get to wear goggles and pretend to be "Lady Strapstrike" and get excersise to boot!
Tomorrow I'm swimming and seeing A Mighty Wind. Wooohoooo.
Tonight one of my boyfriends hosts SNL. Adrien Brody! *drool*
My brother says he is seeing the Matrix Reloaded on wednesday. I say bullshit. But he says it's true he has a ticket and everything. I don't think he knows how to read.
I wasn't in school on friday because my allergies were being bitches again and decided to invade my head and sinuses and just be litle shits.
Watched Taxi Driver.
Have to write a paper about it for school.
Oh my.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Wow! Confirmation is so life affirming! I'm full of the holy spirit because a man in a funny hat rubbed oil on my forehead! WoW! Notice how I am being sarcastic! I got a pretty rosary that belonged to my great grandma. Maybe great great? It has her name on it though.
Graham has just discovered that you cannot bring SLRs to Field Day! Oh no!
AP test went ok in case any of you care. My brain felt like it was going to leak out my ears though. But I went to lunch at Accoustic and I had yummy delicious food and then I had to take Big Mouth (Ben T.) to Putnam because he is stupid and doesn't know where the dorms are but when you got there Rachel was waiting outside! We said hello! It was weird. I like chicken.
Wow Nate! Thanks for the advice! I would totally go out east if I could afford it. But I have to pay for half. That means graduating almost $50K in debt! and director of photography! What an honor. You are my heroe.
I think.
Anyway. I have to clean my room today no matter what. Strange people are coming to put up new blinds and the ugly ones are old and green and don't match my room except for the carpet. Nasty.
I will say more later.

Monday, May 05, 2003

X-Men is the shiznit! But I was there with all of you so you all know that.
I'm really sad I didn't get most of my to do list done. I got a fair amount done but not what I would have liked. Did you know they don't make 10x15 frames? What is this bullshit? Instead, I got a piece of dark blue acid free paper, cut it to 16x20, bought a silver 16x20 frame, and mounted my print on the paper and framed it. It looked really nice and my aunt really liked it.
I was expecting my cousin to be a whale but she is super skinny except for the beach ball she's got under her shirt. Madison is a cutie patutie. She looks like a Mihajlov. Which is good because she is one. You know us Mihajlovs! Whew! We are a crazy loud bunch with big noses! (Except for me. I didn't get the nose.) I love my extended family. I'm done getting mushy.
When I get married (if I decide to) I wanna make my husband take my last name because I like it too much and it would shock the shit out of my parents. Who says the woman always has to take the man's name?
I'm getting tired of my mom telling me to "keep my options open" when I talk about college and where I want to go and what I want to do. I know what she wants me to do. She wants me to do something with writing. I don't want to. I wanna do something with photog. When my brother said, "I wanna be a mechanical engineer" did my mom say, "Keep your options open"? Fuck no. Being a mechanical engineer makes sense for him cuz he's crazy good at math. And he's a freak. And he still plays with legos. I always wanted to do something with art. Photog is my art. I don't feel like my parents are supporting me. Come on...why can't they just respect that this is what I want to do?
I will stop bitching about my college, career, and parental woes. I'm sure you all want to hear it too.
For some reason today I am having trouble typing.
Oh man.

Friday, May 02, 2003

Yay for writing in my blog! Here is my to do list for this weekend:
- prepare for AP Lang & Comp. test
- do make up for German
- study for German test
- shave legs, armpits, toes
- clean room, desk, dresser
- dust shelves
- X-Men costume
- pick up Algebra 2 test review (done!!!)
- Algebra homework
- Algebra make up work
- Algebra organizer for test
- sharing for WWS (write about pregnant women)
- LEGAL BRIEF for AP Gov't (done before X-Men)
- pick up film and 10x15 @ Sharp (saturday)
- buy pretty 10x15 frame
- make pretty cards
- write in blog (doing it right now!)
- catch up on journaling
- check webcomics you missed do to allergies (done!)
- make sure might purple pill gets refilled

As you can see, I am quite the busy girl. I did a lot this week and that's why I'm not writing in this blog. I got my hair cut super short. Well not super but that was the highlight by far. Wednesday, my allergies decided to be bitches and make me tired and my head hurt and my nose run and that was not fun. But I got to miss school! That's always good. I have a baby shower this weekend for my cousin-by-marriage Erica. Twins. Yikes. She is gonna be huge. My second baby shower this year. My other cousin, Mary, gave birth this week to a baby girl. Ava Elizabeth. That is a good, normal name. Unlike Skylar or Madison. Sorry, but I have this problem with cutey fruity names. I think you have to think about your child as a child and then as a geriatric and envision them living with the name in both situations. Ava I see as fiesty little girl and a fiesty old woman. Madison? That's something else entirely.
I have a lot to do tomorrow because I won't be around on sunday hence the to do list. I'm going to have dinner with my aunt, uncle, mom, and dad on sunday night in celebration of the glorious event of my confirmation. I got to pick the resturant. Oceanaire. Eat your heart out Ms. Nelson! (Ms. Nelson, my english teacher, is a big fan of Oceanaire which just happens to owned my uncle's company. Anybody ever been to Bucca di Beppo? That's my uncle. Funny how our family is not at all Italian. His bussiness partners are though so I guess that's ok.) Sometimes I think I talk about myself too much and that's bad because that makes me a bad person right? I'm gonna shut up now.