Friday, May 16, 2003

So I'm supposed to reading review about Taxi Driver, the movie I watched for English but I'm not. Actually, I sorta am. I keep switching back and forth. Tonight is a good night. I work. That means money. Joy! Plus, one of my co-workers is moving away, :( , but he said I can take any of the shifts he is scheduled for next week. Yay! More money. Pete is coming home today too. I put a little bit of gas in the car which means that if he uses it up, he has to take responsibility for filling it up again. I am so diabolical!
Yay for a day of school when I get to do nothing! I have to go to senior award today even though I am not a senior. So that takes up most of the morning. Whooohoo! Then I just have German, Band, and Oceanog/Meterolg. Nahahahahaha! Then I work!
There is a carnival going on in the Marshall Field's parking lot this weekend. I am going to go! It will be fun and exciting! Yay! I want to go at night so I can take pictures of all the pretty lights and whatnot. Plus I heard there is a baby tiger there. Baby tiger!
I need to see the Matrix, too. I'll see if I can squeeze it into my busy schedule this weekend. I have such a rockin social life.

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