Saturday, May 31, 2003

That's what you get for adding strange pictures to my get removed! But thanks for the help.

I know I've been really lax in updating this pile of steaming turds I call a blog but I can explain. Actually, no I can't.
My knee is really nasty looking. I fell down the front steps at Nate's last night, scraped my knee and ripped my favorite pair of jeans. I like them because they are still really blue and they have primer on them. Now I like them even more because there is a tiny hole in the knee. But I don't like the fact that my knee is scraped. I went home and poured hydrogen perxoide all over it and bandaged myself up. Then I went to bed. Whoohoo.
I got a Neutral Milk Hotel cd yesterday and it made me really happy.
Why didn't anybody tell me how awesome Les Nubians are? Come on! French soul/R&B/"world music" is so delicious.
I'm done with school in three days and then I'm a senior. The funny thing is that I already feel like a senior because I've thinking about college and the like so much this year that I was surprised when I reminded myself that I wasn't going off to college next fall. Instead I have one more year in purgatory. MHS isn't that bad, but I just want to be done. Although, next year does look promising. I've got my Link Crew thing to look forword to plus hopefully I will be participating in Peer Pressure again. Forensics too. Plus I signed up for some interesting classes, I have no math class, and I'll have Mr. Bucholz again. I have stuff to look forword to this summer even: Arizona in June, my birthday in July, Ben & Tori in August, working and making money all summer, and of course, hanging out with my friends. Swimming, bike riding, taking pictures, and reading lots of books.
Finals are this week. Most of my finals are a joke. Like Writing With Style. I just have to share my portfolio. Wait I take that back. Only one of my finals are a joke, WWS. But I don't have to study for most of my finals. Just German. Arggghh. I don't wanna think about it. I just wanna fast forword to Thursday when I won't have to worry anymore and I'll be a senior.
Okey doke. I think I might shut up.

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