Monday, May 05, 2003

X-Men is the shiznit! But I was there with all of you so you all know that.
I'm really sad I didn't get most of my to do list done. I got a fair amount done but not what I would have liked. Did you know they don't make 10x15 frames? What is this bullshit? Instead, I got a piece of dark blue acid free paper, cut it to 16x20, bought a silver 16x20 frame, and mounted my print on the paper and framed it. It looked really nice and my aunt really liked it.
I was expecting my cousin to be a whale but she is super skinny except for the beach ball she's got under her shirt. Madison is a cutie patutie. She looks like a Mihajlov. Which is good because she is one. You know us Mihajlovs! Whew! We are a crazy loud bunch with big noses! (Except for me. I didn't get the nose.) I love my extended family. I'm done getting mushy.
When I get married (if I decide to) I wanna make my husband take my last name because I like it too much and it would shock the shit out of my parents. Who says the woman always has to take the man's name?
I'm getting tired of my mom telling me to "keep my options open" when I talk about college and where I want to go and what I want to do. I know what she wants me to do. She wants me to do something with writing. I don't want to. I wanna do something with photog. When my brother said, "I wanna be a mechanical engineer" did my mom say, "Keep your options open"? Fuck no. Being a mechanical engineer makes sense for him cuz he's crazy good at math. And he's a freak. And he still plays with legos. I always wanted to do something with art. Photog is my art. I don't feel like my parents are supporting me. Come on...why can't they just respect that this is what I want to do?
I will stop bitching about my college, career, and parental woes. I'm sure you all want to hear it too.
For some reason today I am having trouble typing.
Oh man.

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