Friday, May 02, 2003

Yay for writing in my blog! Here is my to do list for this weekend:
- prepare for AP Lang & Comp. test
- do make up for German
- study for German test
- shave legs, armpits, toes
- clean room, desk, dresser
- dust shelves
- X-Men costume
- pick up Algebra 2 test review (done!!!)
- Algebra homework
- Algebra make up work
- Algebra organizer for test
- sharing for WWS (write about pregnant women)
- LEGAL BRIEF for AP Gov't (done before X-Men)
- pick up film and 10x15 @ Sharp (saturday)
- buy pretty 10x15 frame
- make pretty cards
- write in blog (doing it right now!)
- catch up on journaling
- check webcomics you missed do to allergies (done!)
- make sure might purple pill gets refilled

As you can see, I am quite the busy girl. I did a lot this week and that's why I'm not writing in this blog. I got my hair cut super short. Well not super but that was the highlight by far. Wednesday, my allergies decided to be bitches and make me tired and my head hurt and my nose run and that was not fun. But I got to miss school! That's always good. I have a baby shower this weekend for my cousin-by-marriage Erica. Twins. Yikes. She is gonna be huge. My second baby shower this year. My other cousin, Mary, gave birth this week to a baby girl. Ava Elizabeth. That is a good, normal name. Unlike Skylar or Madison. Sorry, but I have this problem with cutey fruity names. I think you have to think about your child as a child and then as a geriatric and envision them living with the name in both situations. Ava I see as fiesty little girl and a fiesty old woman. Madison? That's something else entirely.
I have a lot to do tomorrow because I won't be around on sunday hence the to do list. I'm going to have dinner with my aunt, uncle, mom, and dad on sunday night in celebration of the glorious event of my confirmation. I got to pick the resturant. Oceanaire. Eat your heart out Ms. Nelson! (Ms. Nelson, my english teacher, is a big fan of Oceanaire which just happens to owned my uncle's company. Anybody ever been to Bucca di Beppo? That's my uncle. Funny how our family is not at all Italian. His bussiness partners are though so I guess that's ok.) Sometimes I think I talk about myself too much and that's bad because that makes me a bad person right? I'm gonna shut up now.

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