Monday, June 27, 2005

Ooooooh my babies I'm so sorry that I haven't blogged in a while. I was sooooo tired. Pooped. Cuz working 2 jobs does that to you. Nothing exciting happened. Mommy and Daddy are home now. I got some nifty rugby stuff - cool ass newspaper articles.
Stupid stupid stupid asthma. Stupid stupid stupid crazy hot weather. Making it all hard for me to breathe. Damn you all! I stay inside and look out the window and wish I could be out in the yard enjoying the weather. Maybe knitting or enjoy a book? No such luck. Supposedly we are supposed to get some big ass thunder storms soon. Bitchin'! Meh!
But can you believe it is almost July? Can you believe how June has flown by? I sure can't. July means my birthday which means exciting! But which also means that I must work on my birthday. Poopytown.
I managed to burn myself on one of the heat lamps at the hospital but not nearly as bad as I burned myself on the hotplate holder. Sizzle goes my hand!
Some people are dumb. Some people are reaaaaallllly dumb. That is what I learned today.
There are little mushrooms in the yard! I want to make pictures of them cuz they are so neat! Maybe I do it tonight before the grass gets cut. That would be swell. I will brave the heat for my photographic endeavors.
In knitting news, I finished Dan's hat and have to still do some finishing stuff on it (blocking, tightening up the joins) and then it will be ready to send off. It would have taken me a lot short time to finish it had I not been so tired at night. I am not a very good knitter when I am tired. The next project is a hat for Sworva Jean and leg warmers for me. Mr. Pecky has also requested a hat and that is in the cue as well. Oh man do I freaking love to knit. Does it show?
I got to play beer pong after a long dry spell. Pete came home and brought my surrogate other big brother John with him. John and I played the pong but I lost 3 games in a row. John has an unfair height advantage you see. A very unfair height advantage. Poopy? I dunno. The knitting blog will be update once the hat is finished for reals. TTFN.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

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Freakin' A I was cute! This is me in 3rd grade. I found this picture when I was cleaning my desk last winter. I didn't know I was such a cutie.
So an update on my arm. Its gotten nastier since all the skin peeled off the burn. Now its all red and angry looking. It doesn't feel nice either. In the cafeteria they have set up heat lamps over the hot food and I just know before the summer is out I am going to burn the shit out of some part of me on one of those lamps. Its going to happen its just a matter of when.
I am enjoying my vacation from the parentals. I broke a bowl this evening. Too bad it wasn't on purpose and it was a nice bowl. But still! Haha!
I've been trying to a work on the hat I am knitting for my love but I am so pooped when I come home from work every night. Plus double pointed needles can be really annoying to work with. I also wanted to take pictures tonight of some of the pretty flowers growing outside but I didn't make it out of there till 8ish and the light was going so pictures wouldn't have worked very well. We gots fuschias and then the wild flowers up near the woods. All just begging to have a photo snapped of them. Sorry I can't oblige yet.
I miss everyone from school. I want the summer to go by fast so I can go back and have crazy fun again. Its not enough to talk to y'all on the internets or in some cases the cellularized telephone. I need to see yous. Wisconsin is boring. For serious. RIT isn't. For serious. Miss y'all so much. Oh Miss Edwards? I miss your patootie too. Like woah. Why you gots to be in Jersey? Oh we miss you so much here.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

What the hell did I do to myself?
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That right there is what working at the hospital has done to me. Burned the shit out of my arm. Notice how the burns keep getting worse and worse? The first one you can barely see, it was no big deal. The second one is starting to fade but damn was it painful. The third one? OWIE!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS REALLY HURTS!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! WHEN THEY SAY "HOT PLATE" THEY MEAN HOT FUCKING PLATE!!!!!! And it only starts to look worse the more it heals. On my other arm, I have the place where they gave me my TB test and where they drew blood. Not quite as nasty looking but definately ouchie.
Working at the hospital is insulting my intelligence. "Oh my, you catch on quick." Grrrrrrrrrr. I've picked up some more hours so I will be spending most of my life there for the rest of June. Working in nutrition services must be why some people turn to drink.
So I am alone. Mom and Dad have gone on their big anniversary trip. The name of the game is to decide what mischief to cause. Eating off the good dishes is a must. Some have suggest setting fire to certain parts of the house. I will not live to see my 20th birthday if that happens. Wow and that's like a month away. Wowie! I'm gonna be so old!
Its so weird being by myself. Thank goodness Sworva is coming to stay. I came home from work last night all lonely and such cuz I knew the house would be empty. Le sigh.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

hehe. I am all a titter. Daddy came home all tipsy! hehe!
Here are a few things that you need to know: (after all I am in the blogging mood)
- I burned myself at work. Owie.
- I miss my love. A lot.
- My love's is coming along swimingly! Swell! Fabulous!
- Working at the hospital sucks. Alot.
- Working at Sharp doesn't.
- I've finished another book.
- I would love if you people commented on my blog. Cuz I just like hearing what y'all have to say.

The end.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

A craptastical day back at Sharp Photo. Infortunately, I did not get the pleasure of viewing any amateur porn. But it was kinda weird being back. A lot of stuff changed but one thing hasn't - the customers are still surly.
In knitting news, I have begun my love's hat. It is interesting to knit on double pointed needles. I miss my love. A lot.
Tomorrow I do not have to work at either the photo lab or the hospital so I think I am going to relax. Hopefully do something outside. Get some knitting done. I'm sorry I'm so boring. But I had the urge to blog.

for you

Fill my heart with song
Let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Awww yeah bitches.
Mary has 2 jobs! I went to visit at Sharp Photo and they were all "We mis you Mary! Come work!" and I was all "Ok." I am mucho happy. I was trying to figure out how to support my knitting habit.
Working at the hospital isn't so bad. It took me a day to master my position and now they've decided to train me on something else too. Oooohhhhh! The excitement! My favorite part is setting up trays for the 4th floor. Thats where the crazies are. They get plastic silverware.
Mommy and I visited the Flower Farm yesterday. We had to go way down Highway 93. It looks like someone vomitted orange cones and road construction equipment on that stretch of highway, there is so much road construction. But what would a Wisconsin summer be without road construction? I got some new shorts and stuff yesterday as well. This was a good thing as I had been lacking in that department.
Summer reading update: I am reading up a storm. I finished The Broker and have deemed it one of the shittiest books I've ever read. I'm almost finished with Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. He's the guy who wrote The DaVinci Code. Angels and Demons is just as titillating. I don't know what I am going to read next. I'm sorry y'all have to read this drivel. I know my life is pretty boring. Bitch me out in the comments. I love to hear what ya have to say.
By the way - did you know that there is now a knitting blog? I suggest you all go visit and take a peek at the wavy scarf. It is a sight to behold.