Saturday, June 11, 2005

What the hell did I do to myself?
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That right there is what working at the hospital has done to me. Burned the shit out of my arm. Notice how the burns keep getting worse and worse? The first one you can barely see, it was no big deal. The second one is starting to fade but damn was it painful. The third one? OWIE!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS REALLY HURTS!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! WHEN THEY SAY "HOT PLATE" THEY MEAN HOT FUCKING PLATE!!!!!! And it only starts to look worse the more it heals. On my other arm, I have the place where they gave me my TB test and where they drew blood. Not quite as nasty looking but definately ouchie.
Working at the hospital is insulting my intelligence. "Oh my, you catch on quick." Grrrrrrrrrr. I've picked up some more hours so I will be spending most of my life there for the rest of June. Working in nutrition services must be why some people turn to drink.
So I am alone. Mom and Dad have gone on their big anniversary trip. The name of the game is to decide what mischief to cause. Eating off the good dishes is a must. Some have suggest setting fire to certain parts of the house. I will not live to see my 20th birthday if that happens. Wow and that's like a month away. Wowie! I'm gonna be so old!
Its so weird being by myself. Thank goodness Sworva is coming to stay. I came home from work last night all lonely and such cuz I knew the house would be empty. Le sigh.


Sarah said...

That is how the bell feels. And I love the bell.
"Gee Sarah how do you rememeber all this when you were gone for 8 months."

OH maybe because it's not BRAIN SURGERY!

arah hope: said...

Which parts of the house are you [possibly] setting aflame?

And speaking of getting old, shall we make formal invites for the party? i should be back by August 3... depending on the retardedness of my dad....

Sarah said...

maybe i should change my name to mcginty so you don't get confused about which sarah... ? huh huh?