Monday, June 27, 2005

Ooooooh my babies I'm so sorry that I haven't blogged in a while. I was sooooo tired. Pooped. Cuz working 2 jobs does that to you. Nothing exciting happened. Mommy and Daddy are home now. I got some nifty rugby stuff - cool ass newspaper articles.
Stupid stupid stupid asthma. Stupid stupid stupid crazy hot weather. Making it all hard for me to breathe. Damn you all! I stay inside and look out the window and wish I could be out in the yard enjoying the weather. Maybe knitting or enjoy a book? No such luck. Supposedly we are supposed to get some big ass thunder storms soon. Bitchin'! Meh!
But can you believe it is almost July? Can you believe how June has flown by? I sure can't. July means my birthday which means exciting! But which also means that I must work on my birthday. Poopytown.
I managed to burn myself on one of the heat lamps at the hospital but not nearly as bad as I burned myself on the hotplate holder. Sizzle goes my hand!
Some people are dumb. Some people are reaaaaallllly dumb. That is what I learned today.
There are little mushrooms in the yard! I want to make pictures of them cuz they are so neat! Maybe I do it tonight before the grass gets cut. That would be swell. I will brave the heat for my photographic endeavors.
In knitting news, I finished Dan's hat and have to still do some finishing stuff on it (blocking, tightening up the joins) and then it will be ready to send off. It would have taken me a lot short time to finish it had I not been so tired at night. I am not a very good knitter when I am tired. The next project is a hat for Sworva Jean and leg warmers for me. Mr. Pecky has also requested a hat and that is in the cue as well. Oh man do I freaking love to knit. Does it show?
I got to play beer pong after a long dry spell. Pete came home and brought my surrogate other big brother John with him. John and I played the pong but I lost 3 games in a row. John has an unfair height advantage you see. A very unfair height advantage. Poopy? I dunno. The knitting blog will be update once the hat is finished for reals. TTFN.


arah hope: said...

How does one go about knitting a hat?

Sarah said...

Hey!! His name is ben!

Haha, I haven't been knitting lately cuz I'm lame. Must do that.

YourFavoriteBabyFucker said...

who is this peter you speak of? i thought it was ben. i hear ya on the lack of knitting because of tiredness. "But which also means that I must work on my birthday. Poopytown." I know it sucks to have to go working on yoru birthday, but y u gotta be calling it where i live and all?