Sunday, August 28, 2005

I been needing to get this off my chest for a while.

I love Dove products. LOVE THEM.
First it was a soap. And that shit was awesome. Then they came out with deodorant. My armpits could finally live free. No longer was I plagued by horrible red bumps and itchiness and irritation. Dove deodorant smoothed and soothed my angry skin. My armpits became friends with my razor. Then it was the bodywash. I figured that because the deodorant was so awesome that the body wash must be too. So I tried it and my theory was correct. I feel so smooth after I shower and I smell good too. It makes me feel all wonderous inside. Then came the washwash. And then mosturizer. But best of all was the shampoo. I have fine hair see, and the current shampoo I was using wasn't cutting it. I needed volume so my hair could stand up and say hello to the world. Dove delivered. I guess I am a disciple of Dove. My life would be perfect if Dove made shaving cream. So my freshly shaven legs can be in ectascy too. However, I have not tried the body lotion. I don't know why. Hmmm.

Its almost time to go back to school and that means I will be posting more. In case any of you care. I care. I will have time and not be so exhausted. I am all done with the drudgery of Sacred Heart Hospital. Every hour I spent there was pure torture. I think I killed a lot of my brain cells by being in an unstimulating environment. However the photo lab made up for that. I could use my brain power to solve photographic problems and put all the knowledge I had pounded in my ass to use. Isn't that exciting? I am very excited to be going back to school. I miss my soulmate and my love. I miss the masive Stitch n Bitches. Soon though. Wednesday. I can't wait. I just need monday and tuseday to go by quick.
Nontheless I did have a nice summer. When Sarah Eddy came home, I felt like my social life was resucitated. I had things to do at night. Photo shoots to do. Hopefully I will get the tatooing stuff up on Flickr soon. Along with my trip to the farm. I am also hunting down the "Hands Across EC" little by little. I am diabolical that way. All of my stuff has been shipped. I am on a hat jag. But I must Sarah Eddy's scarf first. Then I have hats to knit for Sworva, Pete, Spencer, and Kelsey. I hope I have time to get all those done this fall. There'll be plently of lectures to sit through.