Tuesday, November 12, 2002

I saw pictures of a dead baby over the weekend. (I work in a photo lab, that's how) I cannot stop seeing this baby in my head. Another problem is that I know who's dead baby it was. Dead baby jokes are suddenly not funny.
On the bright side, I had a blast at the photo expedition. I took lots of excellant photos and I got important practice with my new camera. I think I'm ready to finally take it off auto mode and start working with the other exposure modes.
Blah blah blah. I think I'll shut up now.

Friday, November 08, 2002

I am in hell. I am surrounded by idocy. On one side are two sophomores who are talking about cars and using the words "retarded" "shit" and "fuck" a lot. Could they make their combined intelligence any more apparent? On the other side is some ass who keeps playing Eminem videos. In between each video, he watches the preview for that dumbass movie that's coming out. I am going to kill myself. At least my lip balm tastes yummy. Ok, ass-ugly boy is now watching a James Bond trailer. Wow he is so unbelievebly cool. Dodge Ram trucks! OH MY GOD! I was here first, they should leave.
My parents are out of town and I am having shitloads of fun. I think I've jumped on every piece of furniture that is jump on-able. I also wore my shoes. (That's so pimp - the car boys to my left) In the house. I am such a badass. I think tommorow, I will have waffles on the good china. My parents are crazy and don't want to leave me alone because the house might burn down or explode so they got my friend Sarah to stay with me. They think she is so mature because she's 19. She hasn't stopped me from doing bad things though. HAHAHEHE!
Car Boys probably just got their liscenses. "Lexus is gay." How homophobic. I want to rip their spines out through their nostrils. That'll be sooo gay though. Go Mrs. Librarian! She just came over to yell at them. Whoohoo.
I'm going on a photo expedition today after school with Rachel, Sarah and Nate. I've been so excited for it all day. It have kept me alive. It's keeping me alive right now. Right now, I want to die. Eminem boy to my right has stopped his antics thank god. He looks really intelligent right now. He's talking to himself. You know what? I'm going to shut up before I explode. Thank you.

As always, Tony's blog is full of tastiness.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Tastiness! Tasty shall be my new word. My hands are shaking and I have stomach cramps but I'm a trooper and I've managed to stay in all day. Severe gastrointestinal pain is not associated with any of my meds so that rules out them. I'm not in a stressful situation and I've not recently eaten curry (which has the same effect.) Hmmmm. It's a mystery. This is the grossest posting I have ever made. Stop reading this, NOW.
Just kidding. I'm tired and I'm so glad I don't have anything to do after school today.
I recently realized that Hamlet is the weirdest play ever written. Why has he decided to act nutty? So he can effectively kill his uncle in a fit of crazyiness? Why do we have to read it so slowly. Damnit. Out Damn spot. (HAHA! I just made an "allusion" to McBeth (MacBeth?) yay for me I am hardcore cool.

Monday, November 04, 2002

Whooohoooo I think I'm gonna post all regular like to this blog. I'm supposed to be scanning dumbass slides right now but I don't wanna! Haha! I'm a badass!
I had a busy weeekend. I worked and at work we are entering the busy season when everyone wants stupid christmas cards and whatnot. I like when I get christmas cards that I may have somehow prepared. That is so much fun. I burned my tongue on my hot chocolate this morning. I can still feel it. Sludge. Mr. Suppon just said sludge. hehe. Someone is eating a crushed poptart. Bad dog. A working solution is a watered down stock solution. I can't wait to go to algebra. It's so much fun.
Another reminder to read Tony's Blog which is yummy and tasty.

Friday, November 01, 2002

I'm gonna bitch about men dressing up as women for halloween. BEING A WOMAN IS SO GODDAMN FUNNY ISN'T IT? I'm a woman so therefore I'm something you see at halloween so therefore I'm like an angel or a witch. Having ovaries and a uterus is funny. Being a woman is funny. I'm just a halloween costume. That's all. I have nothing worthwhile to contribute to the world except for my breats and reproductive organs for the purpose of dressing up in a HALLOWEEN COSTUME! WHY DON'T YOU STICK A PIECE OF COTTON UP YOUR ASS TOO JUST FOR THE EFFECT! CUZ AFTER ALL BEING A WOMAN IS SO GODDAMN FUNNY! FUNNY HAHA! HALLOWEEN! CANDY!
Read Tony's Blog. It's YUMMY Just like candy