Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Tastiness! Tasty shall be my new word. My hands are shaking and I have stomach cramps but I'm a trooper and I've managed to stay in all day. Severe gastrointestinal pain is not associated with any of my meds so that rules out them. I'm not in a stressful situation and I've not recently eaten curry (which has the same effect.) Hmmmm. It's a mystery. This is the grossest posting I have ever made. Stop reading this, NOW.
Just kidding. I'm tired and I'm so glad I don't have anything to do after school today.
I recently realized that Hamlet is the weirdest play ever written. Why has he decided to act nutty? So he can effectively kill his uncle in a fit of crazyiness? Why do we have to read it so slowly. Damnit. Out Damn spot. (HAHA! I just made an "allusion" to McBeth (MacBeth?) yay for me I am hardcore cool.

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