Monday, November 04, 2002

Whooohoooo I think I'm gonna post all regular like to this blog. I'm supposed to be scanning dumbass slides right now but I don't wanna! Haha! I'm a badass!
I had a busy weeekend. I worked and at work we are entering the busy season when everyone wants stupid christmas cards and whatnot. I like when I get christmas cards that I may have somehow prepared. That is so much fun. I burned my tongue on my hot chocolate this morning. I can still feel it. Sludge. Mr. Suppon just said sludge. hehe. Someone is eating a crushed poptart. Bad dog. A working solution is a watered down stock solution. I can't wait to go to algebra. It's so much fun.
Another reminder to read Tony's Blog which is yummy and tasty.

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