Friday, November 01, 2002

I'm gonna bitch about men dressing up as women for halloween. BEING A WOMAN IS SO GODDAMN FUNNY ISN'T IT? I'm a woman so therefore I'm something you see at halloween so therefore I'm like an angel or a witch. Having ovaries and a uterus is funny. Being a woman is funny. I'm just a halloween costume. That's all. I have nothing worthwhile to contribute to the world except for my breats and reproductive organs for the purpose of dressing up in a HALLOWEEN COSTUME! WHY DON'T YOU STICK A PIECE OF COTTON UP YOUR ASS TOO JUST FOR THE EFFECT! CUZ AFTER ALL BEING A WOMAN IS SO GODDAMN FUNNY! FUNNY HAHA! HALLOWEEN! CANDY!
Read Tony's Blog. It's YUMMY Just like candy

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