Monday, September 27, 2004

Procrastination is the name of the game.
I should be doing my color stuff for my design class but I have from 4 till 5 to do it. Besides I have lemonade! I should sit by my window and gaze at my cactus and enjoy my lemonade. Instead I am updating. I know you all are just itching to know how life is at RIT so I will tell you.
It's fine.
There are things about this campus that I have not noticed before. Tiny little details. I went for a coffee run break from homework walk with someone from my floor yesterday. He claimed there was a Japanese garden somewhere on campus and that he would show me. I was aware of the existence of this place but as of then had not been able to locate it. Surprise surprise the location of the Japanese garden is right next to the front entrance of a building I enter practically everyday. It is just well hidden you see. Today upon leaving class I looked and could see one of the sculputures in the garden. I wonder why I have never noticed it before.
My roommate and I bought a cactus. His name is Charlie. He bites so watch out.
Somehow I scraped the top of my foot yesterday and I cannot recall how it happened. This irks me. Am I loosing my memory? I fear I might be suffering from memory gappage. Oh no!
My design teacher told us to take speed last week because this week we have a critique and will go the full 3 hours for class. (6 to 9PM yuck) I just gotta visit my local speed dealer.
So thats every little thing. I hope you enjoyed it.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

I am listening to "Kate" by Ben Folds. It is a song that has the power to make me deliriously happy. I would like to be Kate one day.
I am going to crash the Socialist meeting tonight. It will be a party. Ha ha. We are hoping that Commies give out free food.
Bjork is on my frige. Y'all are jealous.

I got back in the darkroom for the first time in a long time on Tuseday. It was so wonderful to smell that nasty fixer smell again and to fool around with contrast and time control. I just can't explain it...working in a darkroom makes me so happy. But it also can be really draining too because I put so much effort into what I'm doing. I think though, that despite all that, its totally worth it. I really want to go out and shoot for fun this weekend. I have been itching to do so for a really long time. I think the last time my camera and I had one on one time was when I was in Germany. I just want to say for the record that if at midnight, I can't contain myself, and I must take a picture or I will die, that in a dorm, subjects abound. People are doing silly things at midnight. That makes me happy too. I think photography is almost like heroin for me. I need my fix and I need it now. It just doesn't leave annoying track marks.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

I am putting Justin Timberlake on my Ipod and waiting for Mike to get ready so we can do laundry.
I love my dorm. The boys are really sweet computer nerds (mostly IT majors) who get hard ons when you have a problem with your computer. For instance: my roommate's computer kept freezing the first week we were here and she had practically half the floor asking her if they could fix it. It was equivalent to me walking around topless or something.
RIT is a paradise for artists and computer geeks. I'm also happy that I haven't seen any hippies. (like one would at UW-Madison...) Allow me to gloat further, while all of you out there still have this whole semester to slave away in class, I have a mere nine weeks before I have finals, a break and then a new set of classes. The quarter system is god. So that means that the next time I will be home will be Thanksgiving. Lots of people went home with weekend and it made me feel kind of sad because I have no home nearby to go to. Sure, I have my cousins' house but it's not really home. Home is where my cat steps on my bladder and I can poop on my own toliet. I'm not really homesick or anything. I like RIT, I want to stay here. I just wish I didn't have to count the days till I get to see my parents again.
It's a beautiful day. Too bad I'm going to spend it underground. Why can't the laundry rooms be outside? That would be stupid because they would be buried in snow.
But life is good. I have conquered the unknown. I know what my classes are like and I can handle them. Yup.

Friday, September 10, 2004

I have just decided (probably because I live in a dorm full of boys) that having blood come out your vagina is the most disconcerting thing in the world.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Ladies and gentlemen, we now 1000 reasons not to vote for Bush.

First day of classes was yesterday. Sometimes RIT really confuses me. You see, AP credits have worked to my advantage and I am now 1 quarter (RIT is on the quarter system) ahead of everyone else in my program. I could do one of two things: take liberal arts this year and then begin to work on my upper level elective requirements next year finally culminating in graduating a quarter early thus busting my ass for two years for a quarter less of work or I can not take liberal arts this year and concentrate on my core classes, such as Materials and Processes of Photography which has the potential to really kick my ass. Which would you do? That's what I thought.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Life is better. I'm not freaking out. At least not right now.
Thank you College Board. Because of you and the gods of scoring, I got to drop two classes. Now, all I have are photo related classes this quarter. No liberal arts, no first year enrichment. Its all good. Now I have wed and friday free. And I have time to eat dinner on Mondays. This is nice. Thus far, I think I can handle stuff.
I'm doing better and I have a support system in place. I can handle this. Being this far away and dealing with what happened to my mom, especially not being with her every second.
Cindy (my cousin) broke it down real nice for me - I get to see them once a month this fall. (Then I have to con them into visists for the winter/spring) Haha.