Monday, September 27, 2004

Procrastination is the name of the game.
I should be doing my color stuff for my design class but I have from 4 till 5 to do it. Besides I have lemonade! I should sit by my window and gaze at my cactus and enjoy my lemonade. Instead I am updating. I know you all are just itching to know how life is at RIT so I will tell you.
It's fine.
There are things about this campus that I have not noticed before. Tiny little details. I went for a coffee run break from homework walk with someone from my floor yesterday. He claimed there was a Japanese garden somewhere on campus and that he would show me. I was aware of the existence of this place but as of then had not been able to locate it. Surprise surprise the location of the Japanese garden is right next to the front entrance of a building I enter practically everyday. It is just well hidden you see. Today upon leaving class I looked and could see one of the sculputures in the garden. I wonder why I have never noticed it before.
My roommate and I bought a cactus. His name is Charlie. He bites so watch out.
Somehow I scraped the top of my foot yesterday and I cannot recall how it happened. This irks me. Am I loosing my memory? I fear I might be suffering from memory gappage. Oh no!
My design teacher told us to take speed last week because this week we have a critique and will go the full 3 hours for class. (6 to 9PM yuck) I just gotta visit my local speed dealer.
So thats every little thing. I hope you enjoyed it.

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