Friday, October 01, 2004

Another friday night with nothing to do. Oh poor me. It's chilly outside. Smartie left her fall jacket and sweaters packed away with her winter stuff. It would be a good idea to get at that stuff this weekend. Hence the reason I am attempting to do work on a Friday night. So I can be lazy the rest of the weekend.
I am not writing about Seth for the record.
Whoooo! I have a paragraph done of my paper. Listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs makes it all the more easy. It is very difficult to write a paper that is only a page long. Some people have to write even longer papers. One page is the hardest I think. How is one supposed to include all of one's thoughts in one page?
Did you know? The dorms are overcrowded. Fish C2 has a lounge with couches and a TV but now we don't have that anymore. People are moving in to it. They had people living in the RIT Inn (some of which is devoted to housing for students) but the whole thing was full of students so now they are trying to move them out. That means moving them into our lounge. I am sad.

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