Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I am so excited. Sarah P your suggestion about pie and Osseo sounds divine. I will get back late tomorrow but the morning is prime. I will call.
I can't wait to get back and drive my own car and take a dump whenever I want and not have a creepy German dude (my partner's brother) coming in to my room all the time to do shit knows what on the comp. I don't have to go to school anymore, I can work (and get my pics processed) and I get to see all of you kids. With all of my bitching, I really have enjoyed my time in Germany. I've had a lot of fun and seen a lot of things. I just wish I could have enjoyed it more. My heart was always with my mother and sometimes I just wanted to fly home and be with her. Now my time here is done and I get to do that tomorrow. I am trying to erase the image I have stuck in my head of her hooked up to a breathing machine, unconscious, eyes closed, in the CCU. It's fucking scary but it's all I have. Right now, I have the picture Katja took of me and her in Chicago in my head. She is happy and smiling and wearing a purple sweater. That makes me happy.
Tonight there is a farewell grill out. Katja and I (and others) are going to the grocery store after to school to buy 'alcoholic beverages' (as she put it) because after (the party is 100% Alkohol frei) we are going to a park with the others and getting trashed. Sounds like a farewell to me!
I will miss some things...like Katja and appel wine, and soccer games in sports bars named sports bar, and carbonated appel juice, and milk and honey lotion. Those are mostly material things. What matters most to me right now is getting home to my family and friends.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

fucking katja's needs the computer so this will be quick.
All tubes have been removed from my Mom and she has been moved to a rehab facility in Osseo. Fucking Osseo. But there she can get one on one care and work on her breathing. I don't know when she will be home but it probably won't be when I get home. That is by the way this wednesday. Late. Hopefully we will have no problems. I have a whole list of stuff to do when I get home. While I have enjoyed my time in Germany, this was the shittiest time to go. I think I might have had more fun if my mother wasn't in the condition is in. If this is how I feel on another continent, how will I feel in September 900 miles away? What if she never recovers fully? I'm not sure I even want to go to RIT anymore. Shut up Mary.

Monday, June 21, 2004

shouting out from 'school'
I'm in school right now, if you can call it that. I go to school with my partner but I don't actually attend classes. I wanted to go to English this morning but HerrF demanded a meeting. I don't really care. I'm so bored. These computers are bitches like the ones at MHS and won't let you check your email. I will live. I hope we are doing something cool tonight. We don't do much like I said. We have 9 days untill it is time to go back. Class is boring because they talk in German and fast and with words I don't know. So I zone out. Then I nod off and feel bad for nodding off.
The fact that there are cigarette vending machines and that I spend time in bars has in combination made me start to smoke. Kind of. So you crazy kids at the Drive In aren't the only ones. We can smoke at school but Liebham is here now so we gots to be careful.
My hair is almost long enough to pull back. Coffe and ice cream is good together. So is milk and honey lotion. I like that shit a lot. It makes me smell good. I like stuff. My wrist bone sticks out. Alot. Thats weird.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Shouting out from the fatherland yo.
Coming home at 4AM from the disco doesn't agree with me. I'm taking a much needed break from my exchange partner this evening. She's doing something with her boyfriend. I was invited but when they are together they ignore me. Whateva!
Donna - here is what Germans think of Bush: I saw a magazine in my host family's house that had Bush's face on the front surrounded by those prision pictures with a headline that said he was morally bankrupt. I wish I could speak German as well as I can read it. Also a drunk man in a bar asked if I was an American and then told me that Bush is an asshole. All I had to say was, 'Ich weiss.' (I know.)
I like hanging out with Amis (Americans) better than Germans. They speak English and that's nice.
Meine mutter is viel besser. Her breathing tube has been removed and she has been moved from CCU to Immediate Care. Which is good.
Y'all, I'll be home on the 30th. I can't wait to see you and use a normal American keyboard. Peace out.

Friday, June 11, 2004

They have tiramisu candy in Germany. Deutschland really is the land of milk and honey. Or beer and chocolate. I had to cut short my update today because I was suddenly really tired. It was 2AM but I wasn't really aware. But here is what I have been doing. My host family is very nice. The parents speak english with me which I don't like. I guess it is fine in the first few days. Oh well. We will see what happens when we come back from Austria. Even when they speak to me in English I answer in German. I'm not expecting to carry on a long conversation with them, I don't have the skills yo. I guess as I get more comfortable here I will be ok. We leave for Austria tomorrow for five days while some of the Germans take a huge ass test called Das Abitur. So glad I am not German. It essentially decides if they pass or fail high school and can then get into college. That was today's fun fact kids! A couple of nights ago we went to a bar called Peanuts. It is for teenagers or whatnot but mostly people not old enough to buy hard liquor go there (16 for beer, 18 for hard liquor) who also want to be badass. However if are under 18 you must leave at midnight. So snap. I think that Germany's best kept alcoholic secret is apfelweine or appel wine. Damn. Uh huh. Tonight is some kind of rock party. Tom Zimppel and I suggested music for it because they wanted to know what is popular in America but we didn't know. We said things like Fishbone, Steve Miller Band, The Doors, and Jethro Tull. Tom is also famous among the peanuts crowd cuz he got stinking drunk.
In other news....
For those who care...My mother breathed for 3 hours by herself a while ago. I have lost track of the days. The time change is too confusing. She is not being sedated anymore and soon they will take her off the respirator and she will be out of CCU. She wants to eat real food instead of the stuff they have been pumping in through her nose which looks like the worst kind of Slim fast and she wants to read Harry Potter. This last bit tells me she is on the right road. I will probably not have contact with my father while in Austria so she better do super good while I am gone and when I come back she better be ten times better. That is all for now, I am off to party it up German style.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

My mother breathed for three hours by herself today. Or where I am, yesterday. I wish that I could be with her. I must party it up however here is Germany. Yesterday, Donna, you will be proud to know that I went to a bar and had some German beer.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

here is what is new in my life
momma is sick. she almost died. but i don't know how she is doing.
right now i am in germany in the basement of my host family's house
apparently there is no such thing as seedless grapes in germany.
i'm jet lagged.