Friday, June 11, 2004

They have tiramisu candy in Germany. Deutschland really is the land of milk and honey. Or beer and chocolate. I had to cut short my update today because I was suddenly really tired. It was 2AM but I wasn't really aware. But here is what I have been doing. My host family is very nice. The parents speak english with me which I don't like. I guess it is fine in the first few days. Oh well. We will see what happens when we come back from Austria. Even when they speak to me in English I answer in German. I'm not expecting to carry on a long conversation with them, I don't have the skills yo. I guess as I get more comfortable here I will be ok. We leave for Austria tomorrow for five days while some of the Germans take a huge ass test called Das Abitur. So glad I am not German. It essentially decides if they pass or fail high school and can then get into college. That was today's fun fact kids! A couple of nights ago we went to a bar called Peanuts. It is for teenagers or whatnot but mostly people not old enough to buy hard liquor go there (16 for beer, 18 for hard liquor) who also want to be badass. However if are under 18 you must leave at midnight. So snap. I think that Germany's best kept alcoholic secret is apfelweine or appel wine. Damn. Uh huh. Tonight is some kind of rock party. Tom Zimppel and I suggested music for it because they wanted to know what is popular in America but we didn't know. We said things like Fishbone, Steve Miller Band, The Doors, and Jethro Tull. Tom is also famous among the peanuts crowd cuz he got stinking drunk.
In other news....
For those who care...My mother breathed for 3 hours by herself a while ago. I have lost track of the days. The time change is too confusing. She is not being sedated anymore and soon they will take her off the respirator and she will be out of CCU. She wants to eat real food instead of the stuff they have been pumping in through her nose which looks like the worst kind of Slim fast and she wants to read Harry Potter. This last bit tells me she is on the right road. I will probably not have contact with my father while in Austria so she better do super good while I am gone and when I come back she better be ten times better. That is all for now, I am off to party it up German style.

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