Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Dad Is Ruining My Birthday

Today is my 22nd birthday. Today, my Dad also had knee surgery.
Reasons why he is ruining my birthday:

-He is acting like he thinks he is "King Tom" and we are his loyal servants, put here to wait on him.
-He scheduled knee surgery on my birthday.
-He is abusing the phone. He called my cell to ask for a glass of ice. He called the house phone to ask where is his sandwhich. HE IS IN THE GODDAMN BASEMENT.
-Did I mention today is my birthday and he scheduled knee surgery?
-He thinks he is being funny calling on the phone. Sadly, he is not.
-The humid weather we've been having the last few days has gotten to my Mom. She is tired and irritable and can barely breathe. He is not helping the situation.

Act like the King tomorrow, I don't care, but today is my day and I get to do silly things like stay up in my room all afternoon. I really shouldn't have taken work off today.