Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hello Again

Welcome to almost summer. I have neglected posting on this here blog because apparently, school is taxing on the mind. I shall remedy this utter negligence of my blog by posting a lot this summer. I will have oodles of free time I hope. Or insomnia. Whichever comes first.

My parents are at this moment headed to Rochester, New York. Upon their arrival tomorrow, I shall move my belongings out of my apartment and into the back of their car. We shall then proceed to return to Wisconsin.

The decision to spend the summer in Wisconsin was slightly agonizing. You see, I really like money. I would like to be able to buy groceries and pay other bills next year without having to see how far one box of pasta and two chicken breasts will get me. I enjoy eating. Buying beer every now and again would not be bad either. I decided to move home this summer and sponge off my parents. The one snag in my evil plan was the whole co-op thing. In order to graduate I need to complete one ten-week co-op experience in my field. YAWN. Would little old Eau Claire, Wisconsin have something to fulfill my needs besides free meals and housing? Why, yes, of course. I've managed to secure an internship takin' pictures for a local arts and entertainment magazine, Volume One. I am enjoying the ego boost securing this position has given me. I guess spending 30 grand a year on my education DOES have its perks.

The other rub is that I need a job. VO is an un-paid internship. But don't they know about my expensive education? Apparently not. So I need a real job. I am giving myself a period of two weeks in which I can be picky and find something that will not make me want to walk into oncoming traffic at the end of the workday. Macy's is excepting applications. Things I will not do: WORK AT THE MOTHERFUCKING HOSPITAL AGAIN. Hell, no. I have self-esteem and a fancy private school education and I don't want the fact that I posses both of those things thrown up in my face all summer. Also, I have dignity. Do I sound much like a spoiled white rich kid yet? No? Ok, good. I might even consider the possibility of returning to work at Sharp Photo. Oh wait, I said I wanted to eat next year. Snarkfest over.

Many events have taken place in the past few weeks that I want to talk about but I have not yet gathered the eloquence quite yet in which to put down words. Give me a day or two, when the fact that I am not longer a slave to the grind of RIT for 3 months sinks in.

I should be back in Wisconsin on Saturday. You'll be able to find me in my backyarnd, a block of cheese and a good Wisconsin beer gripped firmly in my hands.