Monday, June 21, 2004

shouting out from 'school'
I'm in school right now, if you can call it that. I go to school with my partner but I don't actually attend classes. I wanted to go to English this morning but HerrF demanded a meeting. I don't really care. I'm so bored. These computers are bitches like the ones at MHS and won't let you check your email. I will live. I hope we are doing something cool tonight. We don't do much like I said. We have 9 days untill it is time to go back. Class is boring because they talk in German and fast and with words I don't know. So I zone out. Then I nod off and feel bad for nodding off.
The fact that there are cigarette vending machines and that I spend time in bars has in combination made me start to smoke. Kind of. So you crazy kids at the Drive In aren't the only ones. We can smoke at school but Liebham is here now so we gots to be careful.
My hair is almost long enough to pull back. Coffe and ice cream is good together. So is milk and honey lotion. I like that shit a lot. It makes me smell good. I like stuff. My wrist bone sticks out. Alot. Thats weird.

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