Saturday, September 11, 2004

I am putting Justin Timberlake on my Ipod and waiting for Mike to get ready so we can do laundry.
I love my dorm. The boys are really sweet computer nerds (mostly IT majors) who get hard ons when you have a problem with your computer. For instance: my roommate's computer kept freezing the first week we were here and she had practically half the floor asking her if they could fix it. It was equivalent to me walking around topless or something.
RIT is a paradise for artists and computer geeks. I'm also happy that I haven't seen any hippies. (like one would at UW-Madison...) Allow me to gloat further, while all of you out there still have this whole semester to slave away in class, I have a mere nine weeks before I have finals, a break and then a new set of classes. The quarter system is god. So that means that the next time I will be home will be Thanksgiving. Lots of people went home with weekend and it made me feel kind of sad because I have no home nearby to go to. Sure, I have my cousins' house but it's not really home. Home is where my cat steps on my bladder and I can poop on my own toliet. I'm not really homesick or anything. I like RIT, I want to stay here. I just wish I didn't have to count the days till I get to see my parents again.
It's a beautiful day. Too bad I'm going to spend it underground. Why can't the laundry rooms be outside? That would be stupid because they would be buried in snow.
But life is good. I have conquered the unknown. I know what my classes are like and I can handle them. Yup.

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