Thursday, May 15, 2003

Hot diggitty damn! Blake is so my hero!
Concerts I wish to attend this summer (astericks signify how badly I want to go):
July 3, 2003 => The White Stripes @ Roy Wilkins Auditorium (MN) **********************************************************
July 21, 2003 =>Norah Jones @ Northrop Auditorium ****************************
August 9, 2003 => Ben Folds & Tori Amos @ Northrop Auditorium *****************************************************************************************************************************
Who says I can't go to all of them? Three concerts to make up for three bands I will be missing because Lollapolooza was canceled for Minneapolis. (Couldn't find a venue.) While this makes me sad, the prospect of Ben Folds and Tori makes it all better. Plus the White Stripes!
Swimming tonight. Wahoooo! Lunar eclipse tonight as well. I was gonna take pictures but I wanted to for once enjoy it and let the other photo dorks do their things.
Later gator

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