Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Wow! Confirmation is so life affirming! I'm full of the holy spirit because a man in a funny hat rubbed oil on my forehead! WoW! Notice how I am being sarcastic! I got a pretty rosary that belonged to my great grandma. Maybe great great? It has her name on it though.
Graham has just discovered that you cannot bring SLRs to Field Day! Oh no!
AP test went ok in case any of you care. My brain felt like it was going to leak out my ears though. But I went to lunch at Accoustic and I had yummy delicious food and then I had to take Big Mouth (Ben T.) to Putnam because he is stupid and doesn't know where the dorms are but when you got there Rachel was waiting outside! We said hello! It was weird. I like chicken.
Wow Nate! Thanks for the advice! I would totally go out east if I could afford it. But I have to pay for half. That means graduating almost $50K in debt! and director of photography! What an honor. You are my heroe.
I think.
Anyway. I have to clean my room today no matter what. Strange people are coming to put up new blinds and the ugly ones are old and green and don't match my room except for the carpet. Nasty.
I will say more later.

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