Monday, May 19, 2003

I love the way the nurse at my doctor's office laughs. She sounds like Betty Rubble.
My brother's friends bought me cookies! The good kind! From Copps! Yay! That's because when they picked me up from school they were honking the horn of the car and yelling at me to get in. I told them they were embarassing me. They did it again when they picked me up from the doctor. So they bought me cookies. I like cookies. I think I might put them in the freezer. They are too squishy.
I had a good day. My morning was good and so was my afternoon. School was so so, but I'm not going to let that ruin my day. Nahaha.
It's like I have three big brothers right now instead of just one.
I moisturized last night and now my legs are silky smooth! I don't care about the rest of me.
My head hurts. I like pressing on the place right above where my clavicles meets. It feels funny.
Wilco says that the way to fight lonliness is to smile all the time but I don't believe them because then my face would hurt and I wouldn't feel any better than before.
Special props to Blake for fixing my screwy blog. Thanks.

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