Tuesday, May 13, 2003

The Low-Fidelity All-Star: he was born with the cool, and it's totally natural.  He runs the gamut from Hipster Supreme (only they can ingest as much coffee as he) to the geeky hipster%
You are the Low-Fidelity All-Star. You were born
with your cool, and it's totally natural. You
run the gamut from Hipster Supreme (only they
can ingest as much coffee as you) to the geeky
hipster (Mario Kart, anyone?).

What Kind of Hipster Are You?
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Guess what? I turned the right way today when we were marching and I wasn't getting yelled at. It was the girl next to me who was marching too slow and screwing up her line. NAHA!
My watch died. It needs a new battery. I miss having it on my wrist. Rachel has my book. I'm gonna bring it back! Baby!
My mom is kinda of pissed at me for forgetting Mother's Day. It wasn't intentional. It was an accident. I feel really really really bad for forgetting but apperently that's not good enough. Oh well. I wanted to go swimming last night but couldn't. I felt incomplete. At least I didn't get all itchy. Alas.
I dropped off a roll of film this morning at work for my pops and this afternoon when I came to pick it up I was talking to the manager and she was all: "Do you wanna work this summer?" I'm all "Of course." But it's like, who's the one who screwed me out of hours from Febuary untill now? I haven't been scheduled for one shift. I've worked a couple of times for others, but that's it. She seemed like I didn't want to work. If this happens again next winter I might blow the store up because at that point I will be saving big time for higher education and won't be able to afford not to work. Does she think I'm on the schedule for the discount? NOOOO I really like working there believe it or not because I know my shit in that department and that info is just sitting in my brain doing nothing. So I put it to good use and all is good.
I don't have a lot of homework tonight and I'm really happy about that because then I can mess around and do nothing. I will not watch TV though. Nope. TV badness. Hmmmm. What should I do? I could read. Yes! Reading is delicious. I could work on my German anecdote thingie but I can't think of anything. Hmmm.
Catch ya on the flipside.

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