Friday, April 25, 2003

I'm making Mac and Cheese on saturday. All the more incentive to come! Plus Harry Potter and me! Yay!
Why go to prom when you can eat Mac and Cheese and watch HP? I know which I would rather do.
Last night I got a shift and I worked and it was good. A really hot guy came in and I wanted to jump his bones right there in the lobby. But I didn't you see because...I don't know.
Graham and I are supposed to be working on our project to create the 8th continent but instead Graham is playing the Emo Video Game. I can hear the opening sequence of Steven Tyler butt raping the Get Up Kids on his computer and he keeps laughing and I say yuck.
Graham is not researching economics like he is supposed to. God Graham, it's not that funny.
I think I might take a nap after school. I am uber tired. I hope we don't do much in 5th hour today. That would suck majorly. I don't think I can take much more of doing school work today.
I feel like going to school is so mundane. I'm sitting here going through my daily grind instead of being out in the work force or sitting on my ass. I just had this sudden feeling that my world is utterly mundane. Haven't you ever just stopped to think about just how ordinary and commonplace your life is? I haven't done anything earth shaking yet and somehow, I feel like I'm wasting away. It's so weird to follow the same routine everyday: get up, shower, eat breakfast, go to school, move from one class to the next every 50 minutes, eat lunch, go to more classes, go home, do homework, eat dinner, do more homework, go to be, repeat. It's just the same thing over and over again and while I'm a person who thrives on routine, I can't help but think how strange it is that I will find myself here suddenly thinking about how ordinary and mundane a day in my life is. I mean, anyone would get bored following me around. I would get bored following me around.
titty slap, jelly bean
There I think I am over my sudden philosphophical break in thought.
Yesterday my dad was giving me shit about how short my shirt was before I went to school. He's seen me wear the shirt I wore yesterday five million times. He made me lift up my arms. At least I passed that test. When I complained to my mom she said I should be glad that I have a father who cares about what I wear. Some fathers don't even give a shit.
While I am grateful for this, I think my father has gone too far. I am a responsible 17year old girl. I have been consciously choosing what I want to wear for the past ten years. I pick out my own clothes when I go shopping and I tend to stray away from risque styles. After 17 years, my father of all people should know this. Isn't he supposed to know me best? Isn't he aware that I am vehemently against wearing a tshirt that could potentially show my stomach? I like shirts that cling. To something.... that don't make me look like a man but yet I still feel confident in. Ok? God it's like he doesn't trust me. I know I do a lot of bitching about my dad in here, but he's been getting over-protective lately, frankly, I think these feelings could escalate as I near the end of my high school years. I still have one more year with them and I can't wait to get out.
I shall shut up now.
Don't forget: Harry Potter, Mac and Cheese, my house 7:30PM, Saturday.
Please come. I will give you a lovely Harry Potter sticker if you do. Plus free food and a comfy place to put your butt.

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