Sunday, April 20, 2003

My brother's friend Rick is the coolest! He made me a super duper punky punk punk mix! Let me explain. Last week as Pete and I were waiting for the judge to come to my round at state we were talking about this and that. The subject of the house where Pete and his friends are going to live next year came up and how hard it was for all of them to agree on one. I said something about how Rick is a big old pussy because Rick was being particularly difficult in the house choosing phase. I've met Rick and I think I scared him because I was in a really bad mood the weekend he was visiting. Anyway, Pete's all, "Rick's favorite band is the Misfits." and I'm all, "Yeah and I bet he likes Good Charlotte and New Found Glory." (Who suck by the way.) and Pete's all, "So he's a Johnny Come Lately punk fan?" and I can't remember anything else. So apparently Pete told Rick that and Rick got all, "I'm not Johnny Come Lately!" So he burned me a CD of all the bands he likes and guess what? Suprise surprise we like a lot of the same bands and Rick is hardly Johnny Come Lately.
So now Rick is in my good book.
I'm hiding right now. I'm hiding from my cousins who I really don't want to deal with. I have to share the guestroom with them and I can't stay up late reading The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (good book by the way) because they go to sleep early and stuff. So I'm sitting here minding my own bussiness trying to stay away. Did I mention my dad can be a real dick? Well he can be.
I have to make Rick a thank you card. Really deep down inside, I am a very nice person.
I really am.
I miss Sarah P. Writing in the Tampon Project is no fun. It's only for Nate's amusement. At the moment. But when Sarah comes back....all will be well. I hope she didn't catch some sort of amoeba. That would be bad and so like Mexico. Why do I hate Mexico so much? Because I have only seen the worst parts. I'm sure there are very nice places. But I've only seen filth and poverty. I've seen little kids not more than three selling trinkets to tourists.
I don't wanna think about it.
I'm driving to Minneapolis with my mom tommorrow. Like, oh my god, girls day out! (valley girl voice) No, this trip has much sinister puproses. We need to find a pop's concert/confirmation/mom's retirement dinner/senior photo's dress. Yes my mother is retirering. It's kinda weird. But working makes her sick so I guess it's all for the best.
Have a happy easter and if you don't celebrate easter have a happy sunday.

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