Friday, April 18, 2003

Hey there party people! Who likes thinking about sex in church? I don't! But that's what happened last night at Holy Thursday services.
I hate being Catholic.
I digress.
Days off from school are nice because I can sit around and do nothing. Yesterday, the branches on the trees and the bushes were frozen with rain. So I went outside with my trust camera and got my photo on. By the time I got outside, the ice was beginning to melt. Which was even cooler. I had gotten these neat little filter thingies that you put in the back of your camera between the film and the shutter curtain so when the shutter opens to expose the film, the little filter thingie adds grain to the negative and ultimately the photo. It works much better than putting a filter on the front of the camera and trying to add grain that way because the in camera filter actually adds grain to the emulsion with the latent image.
I shut up with all my photo jargon.
I get to work tomorrow which is nice because I like work and I like money.
My relatives are coming up from Chicago to spend the holiday. I think this year I will refuse to be a babysitter. It's pro bono work. I no likee that.
Oh pete moss what have you?
Name that tune

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