Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Nate why do you watch DiGrassi? Do you long to relive your painful middle school days? You shouldn't because middle school sucked.
In Writing With Style right now and I should be revising my short story but I'm not. Oh wait....now I am. Well I'm doing this more than the other.
Last night my dad and I went out to dinner at Perkins. (I had chicken parmesan last night to the test the strength of the purple pill called Prevacid and I found that the purple pill called Prevacid is MIGHTY!) Anyway, we had the college talk. Basically, we reviewed my financial responsibilities - I pay for half. My father also thoroughly reviewed the prospectuses for RIT that I had brought along. He was much pleased. The only thing he doesn't like about RIT is the distance. Rochester, NY is a long way from here. I'm daddy's little girl (for my biological and metaphorical fathers yo) and daddy doesn't want me so far away. But he likes RIT because it seems to be "right up my alley." He also wants me to apply for more scholorships and whatnot than my bro did. He was kind of a slacker about that and daddy is none too happy. It's all part of my evil plan to one up my brother in everything.
And what a coincidence! Sarah E. was eating at Perkins too and we chated and it made me happy. (The computer lab just got really noisy with a bunch of dumbass hoochy girls. SHUT UP!)
I'm giving blood tomorrow and that makes me very happy. Call me a masochist is you will, but I love to give blood. I find it very satisfying because I am directly contributing to someone's physical wellbeing. I'm saving lives. And that's totally cool.
My fingers are cold. Time to stop.

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