Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Whooohoooo! I am such a badass gangsta bitch! I am wearing the forbidden shirt. You know...the Buddha rub my tummy shirt? Who wants to rub my tummy?!? Anyway, I don't give a shirt what my dad says, it would be a wast of sweet, sweet money not to wear it. I even intend on wearing it next friday when I will be competing in the state forensics tournament. For luck of course! I thumb my nose at authority!
Did you know Graham T. smells really nice? Like Old Spice. I like the smell of Old Spice. Graham's head is also prickly, like a cactus. But not like a porqupine. That's a very good thing. Ohhhhhhhh, I love lab day in Writing With Style! It is full of tastyness. Asthma is sexy. You betcha! Betcha is a funny word. So is jelly bean AND titty slap.
I am an April fool! I'm also hungry....for baby?
Nothingness....ohhh sweet nothingness...come and find me.
Tuseday is chicken strips day! Tasty! Thursday is Trading Spaces day! Tastyer!

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