Monday, November 07, 2005

Hey all yous. First of all, I put up a new photo set on flickr. It is full of ruggerness. I am finally figuring out how to work flickr. So there is where I will post little albums of goodness of my adventures. My photoblog is more for my pretty photographs. Things I do for school or stuff I am exceptionally proud of. I needed to clarify this for myself.
It is week 10. Everything thing is due this week. I have tests and projects due and other poopy things. But so does everyone. Blah.
I just want this quarter to be over. I am tired. It feels like time is creeping by ever so slowly. Who is tired of my deep thoughts?
But then I don't want break to come cuz then I will be away from my love for a week. While that may sound silly, the memory of 3 months apart is still all too fresh. Blah. Again.
But then I need to go home. I know my mom misses me and stuff. I miss her. The worries in my head shout at me alot. On friday night they got too loud. I worry about my mom when she is sick. She had a cold the last time I talked to her and a cold is what got her really sick the last time. What if it happens again? What if she gets really sick and I'm not there to take care of her? I know she is under much better care than before...but supposedly she was too the time before she got really sick. I can't help but worry. It's habit. Like the way I bite all the skin off my lips till they are raw and soft and tender. I can't help but worry. Sometimes I feel like my brain doesn't work right because of this and I wish I could just relax and worry about silly things like what the weather will be like. But I can't. Sometimes it gets so dibiltating that the inside of my head collapses from the weight of it all and I am momentarily broken and lost. I hate that. Because then I am a mess and I don't feel as strong as I am supposed to be.


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SworvaJean said...

mary love, you'll pull through, i know you will. you're a strong lady- you're the strong veronica! i totally sympathise with the whole being away from your love part- i know how it is. by the way, you can use my "sweet" face for a photo project...though i'd like to see it sometime. take care sweet pea and good luck with finals:)