Sunday, December 28, 2003

I have returned! I'm am well rested and no longer a shade of pastyness. December was kind of the month from hell for me but now I feel allllll bettttter!
I recieved many nice things for Christmas. Waiting for me on the kitchen counter when I returned was a t-shirt that said "Serbia yay!" which my brother is most jealous of. Haha! Thank you very much Sarah! (Thank you also to Sarah P. for taking good care of my house and for Whale Rider)
I shared a room with my brother the past week. He is stinky and does not put the seat down. Or flush the toliet. Or hang up his towels. Or go to bed at a decent time. He is a strange creature.
The best present of all was a letter. But I will say nothing more. I will give no clues either.

The Red Cross sent me a mean letter telling me my blood was bad. They said it tested positive for hepatitis c or b some letter. They said they could not use it. This makes me said because they must have made a mistake and now I will have to go to the doctor and get a test for real just to make sure. Stinky!
I realized today that I do not like to fly because I always end up sitting next to strangers. An old lady kept elbowing me to ask stupid questions. The plane was scary too. It shook a lot.

Merry Christmas belated wishes to all!

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