Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Home is where your toliet is!
I am home. It feels weird. I can't quite explain why. I miss RIT. I miss my love. I miss Erin and all the rest. I have to wait 3 months before I get to play rugby or beer pong with my peeps again. Enough of being emotastic!
This summer I will be working at Sacred Heart Hospital in nutrition services as a nutrition services aide. This is a fancy word for washing dishes and preparing trays. Yay! Why is Mary not working at Sharp? You ask. Well, Sacred Heart will pay me more! But I will try and get in some hours at everyone's favorite photo lab so I can get my amater porn fix.
In knitting news! I have almost finished the wavy scarf. A long car ride is very condusive to knitting. Next I make a hat for my love. Hopefully I can get another project going too. I need to finance my yarn habit (among other things) this summer. Most exciting of all I get to see Sworva Jean tonight!!!!! I can't wait. I have missed her. My darling brother is coming home this weekend. I don't think I've missed him too much. Although it is quite amusing to drunk dial him.
Current summer read: I am rereading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams - y'all need to suggest some summer reads for me. That would be supa fly!


arah hope: said...

MaRy, MaRy!

argh, my heart broke 'cause i couldn't see you in May. It will remain broken until August. Have fun at Sacred Heart, that sounds pretty much like what i did at Oakwood Villa two years ago. i hated it, but mostly because of the old people, i think you'll be okay for the summer.

As far as summer reading list goes, i reccommend many things, and you should look at my facebook profile. Wow, that's a lame thing for me to say, and though i tend to type a lot, i don't want to retype the whole list. Mmmmffff. Give Donna some lovin' for me, we'll rock out one day yo.

arah hope: said...

Oh, and i am very pleased you're reading the Hitchhiker's Guide. i loveeeeee it.

Sarah said...

Hey hey hey cutie, try something(anything) by David Eddings if ya like the fantasy stuff. We should do one of those projects where you knit some and then send it to me and I knit some and then send it to erin and she knits some.
<3... oh and I need to get more knitting done. Most def.