Monday, September 19, 2005

Hello there. I apologize for the lack of posts. But I don't think anyone reads this blog anyway? Prove to me that you do. (Oh man I am asking for comments. I feel so dirty.)
I've been pretty busy as of late with classes and rugby practice. I have a second home it is the Biomed lab. I like to go there a lot. At least 3 times a week. I will be there today as soon as it opens.
Rugby has been going. We played Fredonia on saturday and got our asses handed to us. I say we are not mean enough. We do not play dirty. Nor were our rucks up to snuff. Dan and I had a bet. He (never having eaten eggs by themselves before) would have to eat a 6 egg omlete if we won and if we lost, I would have to eat a sirloin steak. (Red meat and I are not friends. I am the girl who goes to her uncle's fabulous steak house and orders chicken or shrimp.) I am eating steak tonight. This makes me queasy.
I got up real early on sunday to go shoot a class project at a park. My assignment was to take pictures of fungi. The place was crawling with it. I took many pictures. 92 in fact. Now I have to edit them and whittle them down to 25 and give them to an upperclassmen in the AV class who will throw my photos into a flash presentation add music and some other stuff and TA DA. It is like I am the client and the other person is the producer and they must please me with their work.
In knitting news, work continues on the wavy scarf for Sarah Eddy. I have lots of trouble knitting scarfs, so I don't know when this will be finished. Work has also commenced on a red hat for Sworva. I like knitting hats. A lot. I should really become a mute when I am drunk. I have tendencey to promise people knitted items. They always remember too. Meathead is now in the cue for a hat. Meathead shaves his head bald and says his head is cold and that winter is coming and he doesn't want to be cold. And I feel bad but he is going to have to wait his turn. After Sworva, its Pete, then Kelsie, then Pecky, then maybe Spencer, then Meathead. Oh jeeze. Just wait till I learn to knit socks. I'll really be in trouble then.
I miss you kids from back home. Especially Sworva and Sarah Eddy and Tony. Miss you kids.


allison said...

yay for knitting and rugbyness!

I heart mcm! w00t


arah hope: said...

Oh MaRy, my MaRy.

Asking for comments is not dirty. Or at least i hope it's not, as i think i've done it.

Fungi! Sounds like a fun photo project. As always, i want to seeeeeee your photos! Make me beautiful copies if you have the ambition and the ease of equipment to do so.

Also, you will one day soon teach me to knit socks. i am seriously sucking at the knitting, having somehow lost several stitches in the red/black scarf i started for Bryan, and decided i need a real knitter by my side before i touch anything else.


SworvaJean said...

Oooh, I miss my veronica! aside from the red meat fiasco, i'm glad that you're enjoying yourself. I am eagerly awaiting my hat! i'm constantly checking the weather to see when it will be cold enough to wear my scarf. aye vay, we just can't be pleased. I shall talk to you later m'love- kick ass in rugby like you always do:) Sworva loves you.

Dan said...


Some day i will eat an egg.

Love Dan