Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thank you kids for dropping a lil line. It makes me feel all warm inside!

They make me sick. If these ladies plan on being stay at home moms anyway, why are they bothering w/ college? Its a waste. One of them could pay for me to be at RIT and then she can start having her babies. I admit that for American women it is incredibly difficult to balance both motherhood and a career and I admire these women for making the choice to be mothers full time for their children BUT. But. I can't quite verbalize the ideas that are running around in my head. I believe that my mother was a wonderful mother because she worked. She taught me independence this way. There was no one waiting for me when I got home. I had my own house key. I learned to take care of myself for a few hours. I never imagined my mother being home full time. It was weird when she was home when I got home from school. When she retired my senior year and was home when I got home, it was totally weird. But what I'm getting at is, I feel like these Ivy League girls are somehow thumbing their noses at the women who fought so hard for them to be able to be going to lvy league schools in the first place. They should be grateful they even have the option of going to law school. So you know, spend 4 years at one of the best schools in the country but don't do anything with that awesome education your going to get.

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