Friday, July 29, 2005

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The above photo illustrates my love for beef jerky. And how hot I am when I eat it. That was taken on one of the days that we were without power in one of the few places that did have power. Its a good thing I still got to enjoy jerky. I was really pissed that I couldn't knit at my own house. No power no lights. On the brighter side (haha) I am kind of thankful that that happened. I guess I can understand more what Floridians go through every hurricane season. Of course, they are probably more prepared for this type of thing than us crazy Wisconsinites. I think the lack of power also made my parents kinda crazy cuz the next day we picked up mi madre from the grocery store (she was buying ice yo). I put the ice in the back and was about to get into the back seat when my pops quickly put the car in gear and drove off. Without me. I sat on the curb and waited. I figured it might be a couple of minutes before they noticed I was gone. They would hit the intersection and look back and not find me. Nope. They got all the way home and realized I wasn't there to hop out and open the garage door and headed back to get me. Gee whiz! Thanks Mom and Dad. And this is totally not the first time this has happened.
I haven't been up to much exciting lately. Except I ripped back Dan's hat and started over. Why? Cuz it looked like poop. I don't m'love to be poop on his head. This time around it is much more satisfactory. Other things I've been doing have been work, and did I mention work? Goooooooood. I think I might hate myself. My last day off was July 13. I got some sucker to fill in for me at Sharp and now I have a 3 day weekend. Wahoo. Tomorrow Mom and I are going to the Cities to check out the yarn shop scene and get up to some hijinks in Uptown. You know how it goes. Maybe MOA? Who knows.
But BUT. The highlight of my day occured at 9AM. The doorbell rang. And rang again. I tried to ignore it but it wouldn't go away. So I came downstairs to see who the hell it was. IT WAS ASIA!!!!! I was so happy to see that kid again. She's been so busy getting tall and learning to read and playing soccer and playing with her cat and going places that she hasn't been over to visit in a while. I've missed that kid. She is so big. I remember when she liiiiitle. She told me all about everything. It was so good to see her sweet self. Did I mention that? She is so smart. She always has been but I think starting school has brought that out even more so. She told me about wanting to read Harry Potter and how she sneaks it at friends' houses because her mom thinks it will be too scary. She is going to be in 2nd grade this fall. I can't believe it.
And that was what made me really happy inside today.
K, I've babbled on enough. I think that should make up for the lack of posting.
By the way, check out the photoblog, some new stuff up. Enjoy.

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