Saturday, February 12, 2005

Thank you for those who have commented on my pictures. For the rest of you who have looked at them but have not commented, what the fuck? No really, what the fuck?
I have much to do this weekend. Studying, final projects to finish. But I have taken time out from my busyness to give y'all an update on my happenings.
Friday morning my pinky nail did serious damage to my hand as I managed to slash the area below my thumb quite severly with said pinky nail. It is a nasty looking gash that looks as if something much worse than a pinky nail could have inflicted such damage.
Friday was also the day I recieved my Valentine's cheese box from Mommy and Daddy. It thrilled me to bit because y'all know how much I loves cheese. The cheese tastes MARVELOUS by the way.
I am going to be releasing my anger this spring via rugby. Apparently, according to those who will not be named, I have much anger to be released. I will just pretend my opponent is him. I digress. I am very excited about rugby as I will be playing with my posse. We are all living together next year so we are doing this to bond. Plus playing in the mud is fun.
I am much looking forword to Spring Break. (And Modest Mouse!!!!!!) Remember EC kiddies: Febuary 23, 11PM, EC Airport. That is when I arrive and thus you should welcome me appropriately.

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