Monday, February 28, 2005

Modest Mouse was 10 kinds of awesome. It was lovely to see my ladies as well. But you already know that.

Let's talk about one of my passions....

I have bought yarn and cast on 42 stitches for my new project. However attempting to purl is giving me fits. I'm not so great at it. At one point I had it mastered but I am quite rusty now. So it is a challenge. I hope I don't have to rip out and start over again. I have done this once before. It annoys me. I have (had) this thing with my knitting projects. I am scared to do things that are challenging because I am afraid I will have to start over and over again. I figured I had to stop that because that is no way to be a knitter. So I am doing this scarf because it is a challenge - I am not so great at purling. I am also going to do this project with minimal help from my mom. As soon as I get the hang of purling again. Tomorrow Mommy and I are going to the Cities. We are visiting a yarn shop and other shops too. I am in search of a needle case holder thingie. I need one cuz Mommy is sending me back to school with every size needle ever from Granma's stash of needle's. I am most excited.

Been cleaning my room. My desk is clean so I can set up my compy and type my little heart out there. It makes me happy. I have also cleaned out much crap from many places. I also didn't realize that I had so many clothes that I did not wear or had been saving for some odd reason. I feel FREE of my clutter!!! FREE!!! All that is left to tackle is my closet...oh dear lord.

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