Sunday, January 23, 2005

Well my dream has come true thanks to Sarah E.! I have created for myself a photoblog. So far there is very little on it. I don't have many pictures on my compy quite yet even though most things I do for school are done digitally. I haven't been taking many pictures for fun either because its shitty out. We had a blizzard yesterday, the likes of which is never seen in Wisconsin. Outside my window. the quad is pristine, covered in a blanket of white. I dread walking to class tomorrow. Maybe my profs will cancel class. That would be AWESOME.
Things are going well despite recent events. I keep forgetting that when bad things happen to me, I always triumph. ALWAYS. I can't let this new thing rule. I have to do what's best for me and I know where I belong now and who my real friends are. Anyway...I picked up some yarn and needles on Friday (I got off campus wooohooo!) and I have reignited the fire in me that is knitting. So I making scarfes for the silly boys on the floor who have none. Sarah McK. and I have stitch 'n bitch and we usually force Justin into crafting it up too. We got him to do some macrame. Today I feel like being lazy. I think I will get a photoshop tutorial out of the way and maybe do some reading for philosophy - though I doubt that will happen. The big goal though is to write letters to Kraft Foods and French's mustard people to tell them how much I enjoy their products. Hopefully this will make them see that they need to send me free things. Especially Kraft. Because whoa nelly, I can't get enough of that Pasta Pronto stuff. It's delightful!
Sooooo here is my photoblog Immaculate Perception if anyone can think of a better name please do so. I don't think anyone gets the play on words except me and Sworva. Also don't hesitate to comment and tell me how much I suck. I would love to hear what you have to say and then get the opourtunity to put a voodoo curse on you.

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