Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Much has happened since my last post. Most of it I don't want to talk about. All I can say is, I can't wait for the quarter to be over.
In fact, I really need the weekend right about now. Normally I am not much of a drinker. But this is one of those weekends when I feel like getting trashed. So thats what I'm going to do.
I really need to be remotivated photo-wise. I am getting so discouraged with Biomed Photo. Suppon being such a hard core photo teacher and working at Sharp for three years have really put me a head of the game. The only thing thats really kind of new to me this year is working on photo shop and working in the studio. But I was talking to Megan T today and she was saying how in her class a recent grad came in to talk about whats she's been doing and that that really made her feel motivated about photo again. I could really use something like that right now. We all have to do a self assignment and I'm really excited about mine, I start shooting it friday. So thats one thing. I don't know. I thinks stuff thats been going on and the ugly winter weather thats got me down. Cuz I can't just go out and shoot pictures to make myself feel better like I used to when the weather is this shitty.
But I do have a digital SLR out for tomorrow's studio session....maybe we'll play tonight.

In other news, for all you kids who've been longing to see me...I will be back in town Feb 23. I will be flying into the EC airport this time so I will expect a whole mess of people at the gate. The flight gets in at 10:50 PM. Be there.

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