Thursday, October 13, 2005

WOWIE! This has never happened. I have been "tagged" for a meme! I'm so excited. Thanks Sarah Eddy

1. What were you doing...
10 Years ago: It was 1995 I was 10 years old. I was in 4th grade learning bout geology from my crazy teacher who was a trained geologist but somehow ended up teaching 4th grade. Fourth grade was a difficult year actually. I was having social problems at school and didn't really have any friends. My grandmother was dying and my mom was going through her first bout with pneumonia (walking pneumonia) while trying to care for my grandmother. My mom ended up going on sick leave. Valentine's day my grandmother fell and broke her hip - doctor's couldn't perform surgery because of her heart failure. Granma died in March and I wore a sweater of hers all the time. The dress I wore to her funeral I never wore again. We moved to a different neighborhood that summer.

5 Years ago: I was 15. A freshman in high school. We lived in the same house we moved to the summer after 4th grade (and we still live there.) I played in the band and hated it except for pep band with Sworva. I competed in forensics and met Sarah Eddy and all the others.

1 year ago: I started my freshman year at RIT. It was a difficult year. My mother had been seriously ill and I was really homesick for the first few weeks. Things got better for a while and then in winter everything went in the shitter. I started playing rugby and the sun came out again.

Tomorrow: I will be spending time at my second home, the biomed lab and then off to the last happy hour of the season.

5 snacks I enjoy: strawberries, string cheese, pirourette stickies, honey crisp apples, the lunchables from the vending machine in building 7

5 bands/artists I know most of the lyrics for: Ani, Tori, Modest Mouse, Metallica (not by choice), Bob Dylan

5 bad habits I have: procrastination, forgeting to do really simple tasks, obsessively cleaning my bellybutton, saying i'm sorry for no apparent reason, not remembering the last one

5 things I like doing: playing rugby, knitting, sleeping, playing tacklebox at rugby practice, beer pong

5 things I will never wear: tube tops, low rise jeans, shoes that make my feet hurt, pajamas to class, toe socks

5 TV shows I like: Lost, What Not to Wear, Clean House (Niecy!), um I don't watch much TV after that

5 movies I like: Amelie, A Very Long Engagement, The Princess Bride, Mean Girls, Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion

5 people I would like to meet: Tori Amos, Debbie Stroller (the lady who writes the stitch n bitch books), my father's mother (does it matter that she is dead?) baby cousins who have been in this world for a while and I haven't met them yet

5 biggest joys: rugby, finishing a knitting project, playing scrabble with Dan and winning, being Erin's roommate, being Sworva's friend

5 favorite toys: my favorite toy was modeling clay and then i made my own toys

5 People tagged: Um, Sarah Eddy and Rachel E covered everyone I know who has blog so I am tagging my readers as if I have any. (This means you JD and Erin) So um, put your answers in the comments or if you have a blog/live journal leave a linkie dink.

Yup. Thanks for reading.


SworvaJean said...

SworvaJean loves her Mary!

arah hope: said...

what's wrong with toe socks??!