Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Wow. At least I thought the penis picture was funny. Oh well. So I would be uploading images of some of the stuff I've been doing cuz it just occured to me to update my blog but I am in web design again and on a strange computer. Oh well.
I am a knitting machine. I finished another hat today. Granted, it took me a bit longer to knit it than it did Sworva's hat but still a week and a half? Damn I'm good. Next on the docket is a hat for my dear brother. Awww.
Take a look here. It is Sworva wearing my handi work. Damn I'm good.
So um yeah. I wish I had images for you. Really and truly.
I feel all weird and squishy inside from rugby practice. We did hill sprints and played a mini game. It was kinda intense cuz there were about 6 girls a side. Granted, our practices are not nearly as intense as the guys' practices. I think they should be. I am trying to conquer my asthma issues so I can be a better player. So my goal for the winter is to figure out a gym routine that help me learn to breathe through some of the stuff we do. Part of it is that I am not in the best shape but the majority of it is that my asthma got worse over the summer and all of sudden I was doing fairly intense stuff and had no idea how to manage it. But I have to work on that this winter. I hope you all enjoyed that little bit there.
Sometimes there needs to be more time in my day.
My thought for the day: Harriet Miers and Bush have kinda a creepy connection. "Your the best Govenor ever!" If I told Bush he was the best president ever would I get appointed to a job I'm not qualified for?

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